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Kiss Day: Find out about the care needed to take advantage of this date

Experts explain the importance of avoiding the risks of close contact with kissing

On April 13th, Kiss Day is celebrated.date that symbolizes affection, love, affection and can still offer benefits for the mind and body. Since kissing can improve feelings of well-being, lower blood pressure and help reduce stress. All these benefits in one kiss, but It is important to understand that kissing and health are all about. That’s why we gathered two oral health professionals to talk about the care that should be followed.

to the dentist Bianca Caputo, the kiss, in addition to representing an intimate form of affection, is an act of greeting and respect. That’s why it’s essential to pay attention to oral hygiene at this time. “We must be very careful to have a healthy kiss, it is important to maintain daily oral hygiene, which includes brushing the teeth and cleaning the gums periodically”.


the dentist Márcio Ramos also warns about the care that needs to be taken. Many diseases can be transmitted by kissing., so keeping health and oral hygiene up to date is essential. In addition to daily brushing, we can’t forget about flossing and regular visits to the dentist. AND if you notice any changes in your mouth, look for a professional at the same time so that he can give you the right guidelines and treatment.

An exchange of kisses can be something wonderful, but it is necessary for people to be attentive, respect their body. That way it is possible to enjoy the Kiss Day the way it deserves, but without risking your health.

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