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Yulia Sanina explains why Jerry Heil and KRUT lost in the National Selection

Yulia Sanina explains why Jerry Heil and KRUT lost in the National Selection


Ukraine in the international song contest held in Liverpool will be represented by TVORCHI with the song Heart of Steel.

The frontwoman of the rock band The Hardkiss, Yulia Sanina, who was a judge in the final of the national selection for Eurovision, admitted that she was pleased with the result of the vote. He reported this in Snidanka z 1+1.

In his opinion, Europe has not heard Ukraine as TVORCHI will show it.

“I believe that they will represent Ukraine very brightly. In a worthy and different way. That is, Ukraine can be like that, also a surprise here. This is a classic European sound. We will once again show that Ukraine is part of Europe, what we have there is not just folk singing, but we are really modern, we have a super youth culture,” she said.

Therefore, Jerry Heil’s statements that “Ukrainian melody” was eliminated by “Ukrainian melody” in the National Selection 2023 are not applicable.

“It’s normal. She had a chance to win. So the audience didn’t feel it one hundred percent. I conducted a poll on my Instagram, what song do you want to hear this year from Ukraine. And everyone said that it should be driving, not it’s worth crying, we don’t need to be sorry, we are strong,” added the singer.

About Marina Krut, Yulia Sanina said why, along with her colleagues, she gave her ten points.

“The jury gave KRUT the highest score, because the song covers from the beginning to the end. And, no less important, the representative of Ukraine is also an ambassador, this is a mission. And I am sure that KRUT can not only sing confidently on stage “, but also speak on behalf of Ukraine. He speaks in a way that terrifies me. I wanted to talk to him, but I didn’t see him on stage after the announcement of the results,” the lead singer of The Hardkiss shared.

It was previously reported that Anastasia Prikhodko reacted to TVORCHI’s victory in the final of the national selection for Eurovision 2023.

Ukraine at Eurovision next year will be represented by Tvorchi

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