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Osadchaya tells the story of a Kherson citizen who was captured

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The Russian invaders kidnapped the man right in the middle of the street. He is considered a “special forces officer”.

Ukrainian TV presenter Katya Osadchaya tells the story of a Ukrainian from Kherson who escaped from Russian captivity. He said this in his project Know Your Own.

We are talking about a resident of the village of Upper Rogachik, located almost 200 kilometers from Kherson – 41-year-old Grigory Guza. His wife Ekaterina is looking for him. The couple lived with their one-year-old son, the boy worked as an electrician.

“When the first soldiers of the Russian army entered the village, they looted all the shops, destroyed the houses and left. After a while, the second group of soldiers drove a line of armored personnel carrier in the middle of the village. They They tried to remove the Ukrainian flag, but they didn’t, they couldn’t. We were very scared,” he said.

Ekaterina and her son left the Kherson region for Ukrainian-controlled territory, while Grigory stayed in his home village with his elderly mother. Then he noticed that the invaders were following him and one day they came with a quest. Later, the Russian army kidnapped him right in the middle of the street.

“I contacted the national police and the Know Your Own project, knocked on every door to find my husband. more than a hundred kilometers you have to drive through Russian checkpoints. Of course, they did not let him in. In Nova Kakhovka , they took the bag he had prepared for him and sent him home. After that, he went to the hospital with a heart attack, “says Ekaterina.

By the end of August, the couple were able to talk.

“I said: is it really you? I don’t believe it. Of course, I burst into tears and I heard that he cried too. It was a miracle. He said: I thought I couldn’t hear your voice before, I didn’t even expect it,” she admitted.

Later it turned out that Grigory was on the lists of the Russian invaders as “special forces”.

“In the lists of the occupiers, I was designated as a” special forces “. When I served, but I was a civilian. The occupiers tell me: we have 2 proposals – either we will kill you, or work you among us. They asked me a question: don’t you love the “Russian world” Don’t you love Russia? I said: I am Ukrainian and lived all my life in Ukraine. Then there were tortures. We were surprised , I was shocked, but I believed that I would still see my wife, child, mother. This faith kept me going. First of all, they wanted me to change my language to Russian, because it was difficult for them to understand me. Since 2014, I have been mobilized, so they want me to tell them the names and locations of our military, “- he said.

We remind you, Osadchaya spoke earlier about the harsh reality of Ukrainian children attending school in war conditions.

Osadchaya admitted that after the invasion of the Russian Federation, Regina Todorenko wrote to him

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