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The frontman of the Kalush Orchestra group said that he has a drug addiction

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The artist admitted that that time was difficult for him. Now he does not use any and does not recommend it to anyone.

The frontman of the Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra Oleg Psyuk spoke openly about his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

The singer admitted that it all started with drinking alcohol. He first tried it as a child, and in his youth he began to drink it regularly.

“My first situation, when I got drunk, I was six years old, we were at a construction site, they made the workers drink, we got drunk. The second time I went with the Nativity Scene, I was 11. At the age of 12, they took me home drunk at the age of 12, but since 14 I’ve been so bad that normal people don’t drink like that,” said the artist on the Formula Voloshin podcast.

Later, the singer tried drugs. But after some time, Oleg Psyuk decided to take control of his life and began to fight bad habits:

“It all ended at the age of 22. I had many material goals. I decided to quit cigarettes and bad drugs. I told everyone not to write to me about it, I could hang out with you that day I lost all my friends. ”

Oleg Psyuk emphasized that it is really very difficult to get rid of bad habits, but the main thing is to be patient and change your environment.

It was previously reported that MELOVIN admitted that he suffered from alcohol addiction.

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