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Recife hosts traveling exhibition by the Favela Museum

The São Paulo institution will also arrive in the cities of Salvador and Rio de Janeiro

The São Paulo-based Museu das Favelas announces its first traveling exhibition, the “Favela em Fluxo” Exhibition. From May until December, it will tour three Brazilian capitals, taking the exhibition to Paço do Frevo (Recife), Solar Ferrão (Salvador), Museu da Maré (Rio de Janeiro), respectively, and, finally, bringing together the entire experience in São Paulo, at the Museum’s headquarters, located at Palácio dos Campos Elíseos. The first will be in Recife, opening on 15/05.

The initiative combines artistic and interactive experiences, inviting the public to a journey of cultural exchange and knowledge about the present to inspire new possibilities for futures.

“With the exhibition ‘Favela em Fluxo’, the Favela Museum opens doors to cultural democratization, boosting the recognition and appreciation of artistic expressions in Brazilian communities”, says the Secretary of Culture, Economy and Creative Industry of the State of São Paulo, Marília Marton.

The curatorship is formed by Aline Bispo, visual multi-artist, illustrator and independent curator, Leonardo Moraes, musician and coordinator of Art Education actions at SESC, Rebecca França, historian, curator and art director, and José Eduardo Ferreira Santos, researcher and curator from the Laje Collection. Among the confirmed artists, presenting outstanding works, are: in Recife, Vitória Vatroi, Nomes, Lua Barral, Cigana and Francisco Mesquita; in Salvador, Mila Souza, Uiler Costa Santos, Fernando Queiroz, Zaca Oliveira and Elson Júnior; in Rio de Janeiro, Jade Maria Zimbra, Abarte Junior, Gael Affonso, Wallace Lino and Deize Tigrona; and in São Paulo, Robinho Santana, Janaina Vieira, MC Lalão from TDS, Wadjla Tuany and Mayara Amaral.

Rebecca França says that the exhibition highlights the cultural activities of Brazilian outskirts. “When we understand the favela as our starting point, it becomes our territory of quilombomento and sapience, this territory is a warrior when it needs to be a warrior, it is also a retreat if the fight is not necessary, this is the basis for the continuity of life. Favela is a space and time to build community, collective, playful childhoods, it is a place to rescue our predecessors, but also to foster our descendants. This exhibition deals with these re (existences), these re (appropriations), and many others”, she highlights.

The exhibition highlights works by twenty favela and peripheral artists, providing an immersive experience, presenting important data about Brazilian favelas and inviting visitors to share ideas about the futures of favelas through interactive tools and debates. The public will be able to discover artistic production in a variety of media, such as sculptures, videos, canvases, photography, illustrations and paintings.

For Natália Cunha, director of the Museu das Favelas, the exhibition is an alliance in favor of social transformation. “Our objective is to challenge stereotypes and promote genuine recognition of the potential of favelas, transforming derogatory flows into movements of resignification and progress. Together, we are building a new narrative, where the flow of favelas becomes the primary route to a more equitable and vibrant city,” she says.

The Museum is an institution of the Secretariat of Culture, Economy and Creative Industry of the State of São Paulo,

Favela em Fluxo Exhibition
Paço do Frevo | Recife PE
From May 15th to July 14th
Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday, from 11am to 6pm
Entry: R$10 and R$5 (half)
Address: Praça do Arsenal da Marinha, sn
Tickets in advance or directly at the box office
Entry is free on Tuesdays.

Source: Maxima

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