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Zlata Ognevich admitted that she almost killed herself

Zlata Ognevich admitted that she almost killed herself


In 2015, the artist wanted to commit suicide. He bought pills, which, fortunately, were not strong.

Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich admitted that in 2015 she almost committed suicide. He spoke about this in an interview with Slava Demin.

According to the celebrity, the trigger was the events in his life and prolonged depression, from which he found no way out.

“It’s a difficult subject. I can’t tell you in full what exactly happened, what was the reason. When a person comes to the idea of ​​suicide, it doesn’t happen in a day. It is first dominated by subtle that depression, a very serious psychological state at zero, and then – your system, which feels that it is slowly dying And then the brain itself gave me the idea that if that’s all, then this is the only way to get rid of the pain inside. The suffering of the soul often came to me at that moment.

The singer added that he bought pills that he wanted to say goodbye to life. Fortunately, he didn’t take enough of them and didn’t get the effect he was hoping for. After her experience, Zlata realizes what a huge mistake she almost made:

“For me, it’s not me, but other people I wouldn’t do such a thing, maybe I remember how I woke up at night and I was upset. t sleep, how I planned to sleep – and everything that is needed I in my head to buy myself pills – I woke up in the morning, they were like tranquilizers, that is, they calmed down my system, but did not turn their backs on me I had such a stupidity that I will never forget this day, there were leaves and I thought: “Oh my God ! I would never see this again, I wouldn’t feel it…” I talked to the tree, asked him for forgiveness, then the Universe, cried…”

Ognevich also mentioned that in order to get rid of severe depression, he sought help from a psychotherapist.

“I worked on this topic with a psychotherapist. I cried a lot. This is internal pain. This is such a dislike for myself that reached the point of hatred. And this entity decided to kill me. What did I not say to myself inside. … It’s such a pain that it reaches a certain point, and you can’t get rid of it with anything: neither alcohol, nor communication with friends… It hurts – it’s like you died, and you only have a step to the left ,” he shared.

Earlier it was reported that Zlata Ognevich spoke about her father, who since the beginning of a massive war was on the front line, treating wounded soldiers.

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