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Liz Truss has admitted what advice Queen Elizabeth II gave her before she died

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Truss met the monarch at Balmoral just two days before her death in September 2022.

Former British Prime Minister Liz Truss has revealed what advice the late Queen Elizabeth II gave her. The Daily Mail reported this.

In his forthcoming memoirs, the former prime minister admitted he did not follow the Queen’s advice during a 20-minute discussion between them. In particular, the monarch advised him not to rush. Truss’s 49 days as prime minister were marked by economic turmoil, including reforms that led to a sharp downturn, before she was ousted from Downing Street.

“At the end of our conversation he warned me that being prime minister is an incredibly ‘aging’ thing. He also gave me advice: ‘Take your time’. Perhaps I should have listened,” the book says .

Following the news of the Queen’s death a few days later, Liz Truss remembers thinking: “Why me? Why now?” The politician did not say that he burst into tears “on the sofa.” He added: “Again, sadness is mixed with a sense of respect for the enormous weight of the event and the fact that it happened before my eyes.”

He said that despite the enormous political pressure, his first meeting with King Charles created “a strange sense of camaraderie between us as we were both starting new roles and had to navigate unfamiliar territory.”

By then, party MPs had begun making moves to remove Truss from his duties. As she bowed to Charles, she asked him, “So, are you back?”

It was previously reported that Liz Truss had announced that she would be stepping down. He served as prime minister for less than two months.

The secretary of the late Elizabeth II for the first time revealed the details of her death

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