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Madonna’s personal chef named the star’s favorite snack

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The cult singer loves the opportunity to enjoy delicious foods, such as corn flakes.

Celebrity chef Pia Gambur talks about working for world famous singer Madonna and gives fans an insight into the pop star’s habits. The Mirror reported this.

She revealed on Gordon Ramsay’s new reality show Food Stars that she is dating the star.

“It’s still very surreal, I get to travel the world and work with crazy people, I’ve never had the opportunity to do that before. She loves me, so that’s an added bonus,” Pia said.

The chef also said that Madonna likes to snack on corn flakes.

“I made Madonna corn flake cracklings and she really liked them. The next day she asked, ‘Are there any other corn flakes like that?'” she said.

And Madonna isn’t the only celebrity who enjoys delicious meals prepared by a personal chef. Christianna Uy, known as Chef K, works for the Kardashians and revealed that the reality stars eat “cheat meals”), but they stay fit and active and enjoy things in moderation.

It was previously reported that Madonna spoke what were her first words after emerging from a four-day coma.

Madonna published a series of “hot” photos

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