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The new sports car 2025 Aston Martin Vantage is presented

Photo: Aston Martin

This is the all-new 2025 Aston Martin Vantage with new styling and a more powerful V-8 engine.

English automaker Aston Martin has unveiled a new sports car called the 2025 Aston Martin Vantage. CarBuzz reported it.

The result of these changes, of course, is wonderful. The 4.0-liter V8 engine now produces 656 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque, which is 153 more horsepower than the old Vantage.

The AMG V8 is paired with a proven ZF 8-speed automatic transmission, which sends power to the rear wheels. The sports car can accelerate from zero to 96 km per hour in just 3.4 seconds, and its top speed will not exceed 325 km per hour.

Also built into the car is a 26cm touchscreen that can connect to Android and iOS.

Production of the 2025 Aston Martin Vantage will begin this quarter, with deliveries expected in the second quarter of 2024.

The value of the vehicle is still unknown.

It was previously reported that the new Ford Puma 2024 was presented. This is the most compact and cheapest crossover, updated after its older brother Ford Kuga.

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