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Wanessa reveals Sandy’s heartache

In the early hours of this Wednesday, 31st, Wanessa Camargo opened his heart in a sincere conversation BBB 24.

In a chat with Yasmin Brunetthe daughter of Zezé Di Camargo revealed that he carries a sorrow that involves Sandy.

Wanessa confessed that she was always seen in the background because of comparisons with the singer.

“How do you become someone different from what you are? Or you will learn. One thing I need to learn in my life is to look at myself and see that I have the ability to believe in myself, believe that I have something to give”, he said.

Wanessa said she needs to see her potential, just like she sees it in other people. “Whatever the point, understand? That I am worthy of some things in my life that I have shine and light. Just as I see shine and light in others, I see it in myself”, he spoke.

The sister explained that she was always after Sandy and that the singer herself tried to change that thought.

“My story came like this. When I started my career, I was just a daughter, I was always behind Sandy. I was always second. Sandy said this once: ‘Wanessa doesn’t know how big she is'”said.

Source: Maxima

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