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Luciana Gimenez reveals abusive request about Mick Jagger

Luciana Gimenez he didn’t hold his tongue and revealed that he received an absurd request about Mick Jagger.

It all started when the presenter talked about feeling uncomfortable appearing in the media because of someone else. She, who has a son with the star of Rolling Stonesaid he spent years without talking about Mick Jagger.

“I feel uncomfortable showing up for someone else. I always think the other person won’t like it, and I wouldn’t want it to be done to me. I didn’t talk about Lucas’s father for twenty-one years. There’s not much to talk about. Yeah. It’s annoying for someone to talk about their things. I came from a time when I lived in England, people sold other people’s stories”, he said in an interview with the podcast Sorry for Something.

The model revealed an absurd proposal she received: money in exchange for the Rolling Stone star’s personal information.

“People offered me money to talk about my child’s father. It’s such an absurd thing to receive money to tell on something about the private life of a person you dated. The person stays with you, sleeps with you and you tell them the private things on the internet? Money is very good, but there is no such thing”she revealed.

Luciana said she respects her ex’s individuality: “If you want to talk, you ask. Once we took some photos of Lucas and we agreed. Before work, there is the person’s individuality, I tend to respect others a lot. It doesn’t always happen to me.”

The presenter also shared a curious fact about Lucas, her son: she said that he avoids using his father’s name.

“My son, Lucas, doesn’t use his father’s name. He has a funny story. We were trying to get a reservation for a restaurant in London, and I asked him to call and talk. He’s difficult, he doesn’t call and he doesn’t talk. He doesn’t surf it”, she said.

Finally, Luciana said that she has a very good relationship with Mick Jagger and that he even offered help when she suffered an accident in Aspen, in the United States.

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