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Remember Rico Melquiades’ fight with Kamila Simioni

Rico Melquiades told about his fight with Kamila Simioni, a member of ‘A Fazenda 15’

With the participation of Kamila Simioni in The Farm 15the fight between the businesswoman and Rico Melquiades It became a topic again on social media.

In an interview on PodDelas last year, the champion of ‘A Fazenda 13’ told details of the confusion with the digital influencer.


Rico said that Kamila made him “tremble at the base” after he came to defend Jojo Todynho. He said that it all started when the influencer had a fight with the singer and he “got involved”.

Then, Kamila started sending a series of messages to Rico saying that he didn’t know who he was messing with.

Rico said he decided to face the influencer, but regretted it soon after.

“I went to fight with Simioni to defend Jojo. Guys, I went to fight with the wrong person. Simioni was the ‘serene straw’… This woman hunted me in a way, friend! Like, she: ‘You stirred the wrong hornet’s nest’”said

The former Fazenda continued: “She started taking my past, my friend, sending a lot of things from my past, Oh, I said: ‘My God, how did this woman find out about my past?’, then I started to get scared and I didn’t respond anymore, then She sent a photo of my house and I live in a condominium and she got a photo of my house inside the condominium.”

Rico said he blocked Kamila from his Instagram, but she found out his number by sending a message on Whatsapp.

The former DFCEX confessed that he was scared and chose to apologize, but Kamila didn’t accept it and said she wanted him to apologize publicly on her social networks.

“She said: ‘you stirred the wrong hornet’s nest’ and I said: ‘I’m sorry’. Then she said: ‘you’re going to apologize, but on your Instagram’ and I said: ‘I’m asking’. So I went to my stories, I asked sorry and she even said: ‘tag me’ and I still tagged you”he said.

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