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On April 2, the ‘International Children’s Book Day’ is celebrated. With the aim of promoting reading among children, the date was also chosen to honor the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, author of the famous literary work ‘The Little Mermaid’also adapted for the cinematic universe.

Just like Andersen’s books, some children’s literary works were also known for encouraging creativity and sharpening children’s senses, because, in addition to fun, books are also a mechanism for cognitive development and vocabulary improvement, which can help the little ones to overcome fears, understand feelings and tastes, build friendships and deal with their own emotions.

Next, check out 5 titles to encourage children to venture between the pages and fall in love with the literary universe!

1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 17 – Fräwda Megaxeia (Jeff Kinney)

Book ‘Diary of a Banana 17 – Fräwda Megaxeia’ (Image: Digital reproduction | VR Editora)

Greg Heffley is discovering that achieving fame and glory isn’t easy at all. As an assistant to band Fräwda Xeia, led by his brother Rodrick, Greg learns that endless nights, non-existent fees and fights between group members are part of the rocker lifestyle. Can he help the band become rock and roll legends?

two. Total Chaos 04: Thursday – War of the Waterslides (Ralph Lazar)

Cover of the book 'Quinta- Guerra dos Toboáguas'
Book ‘Caos Total 04: Thursday – Guerra dos Toboáguas’ (Image: Digital reproduction | VR Editora)

This time, Dash was very goofy when Mrs. Rosalinda, the invisible director, announced a special visitor: Mrs. Aqualine. The owner of the Aqualínia Water Park came to propose to the students a competition for the best idea for the construction of a new water slide. A soggy waterslide war looms. Will Dash and his friends surf their way to victory or drown in a gigantic broth?

3. One day (Guillaume Gueraud)

Cover of the book 'One Day'
Book ‘One day’ (Image: Digital reproduction | VR Editora)

What child never wanted to be big? Just to be able to eat sweets as much as you like without asking permission, go to school alone and watch cartoons without a time limit. Or maybe to become one Super hero, live in a cabin in the middle of a forest and travel to Mars.

With humorous texts and illustrations, One day reveals moments in a child’s life in which the desire for autonomy conflicts with the limitations imposed by adults. With an emotional ending, the work proposes a reflection on the challenges and responsibilities of growing up, both for the little ones and for fathers and mothers.

4. butterfly child (Marc Majewski)

Cover of the book 'Butterfly Child'
Book ‘Criança-butterfly’ (Image: Digital reproduction | VR Editora)

A little boy loves to dress up and play around the neighborhood dressed as a butterfly. But not all colleagues understand his way of being, so they exclude him from games and tear his wings. This was the reality faced by the French author and illustrator Marc Majewski, who uses an autobiographical tone to bring the character of this work to life.

Through the delicate rhymes and beautiful multicolored illustrations that delight adults and childrenthe writer shows the importance of family support and teaches young readers to assume desires and tastes from childhood.

5. Ana & Froga 4 – The Major (Anouk Ricard)

Cover of the book 'The Major'
Book ‘Ana & Froga 4 – O Maioral’ (Image: Digital reproduction | VR Editora)

Cristóvão is scared to try the piano, Bubu is the man when it comes to mini golf (but not) and cherry picking could result in a big accident. These and others stories you find in the fourth volume of the Ana & Froga series. With charming drawings, Anouk Ricard recreates (almost) common situations of children’s daily life and takes them to far-fetched outcomes and irresistible humor. The comics gave rise to the cartoon Anna & Friends, by Nick Jr.

By Gabriela Cuerba

Source: Maxima

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