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zodiac sign prediction from february 27 to march 05, 2023

The Sun in the sign of Pisces makes a good aspect with Uranus and indicates a less tense period. Enjoy
to develop spirituality and intuition. Good phase also for the study of esoteric sciences.
Mercury is conjunct Saturn and indicates an ideal time to organize ideas. The planet facilitates a sense of reality for the Piscean season, but also a tendency towards pessimism and
difficulty to have flexibility in their ideals.

Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction in the sign of Aries and suggest a prosperous and harmonious movement
to develop self-esteem and generate financial resources, but they indicate excessive spending.
Mars is square Neptune and brings conflicts generated by deceptions and illusions, which could
cause great confusion.

Remember that each person will feel this energy according to the way it interacts with each individual’s Astral Map.


You remain in a moment of introspection, so try to respect your limits and take care of
your emotions and your energy. Pay attention to memories, memories and mixed feelings that may arise. They tend to be the key to understanding unconscious issues and being able to
Free yourself from behaviors that imprison you. You will be able to be more rational when faced with these feelings. It will be an excellent time to develop self-esteem and awareness of your own worth, which will favor your exposure.


Forecast of the week for the sign of Taurus (Image: Adam Vilimek | Shutterstock)

It will be a busy week for social relations. Take the opportunity to make new contacts, get out of your routine, be open to new information and learn from each other. There will be greater flexibility on your part, which indicates a tendency to change outdated ideas.

In the affective life, some finalization may happen, but it will be positive. It could be the end of a bad cycle within the relationship, for example. However, be careful not to deceive yourself with someone. Also beware of impulsive spending, as they can lead to losses. Avoid making investments and buying from places that are unreliable.


It will be an excellent week to be with friends and work in a group, as you will have greater ability to manage conflicts. You may also come across new ideas that can
to change your way of thinking, especially if you are in philosophical and/or spiritual study groups. Auspicious period for those who work with group leadership.

In the professional sector, you will feel relief from the tensions you were experiencing, especially in self-demand. You will have the chance to shine brighter and receive recognition from those you admire. Take the opportunity to organize your thoughts about what you want for the future.


This week will tend to be one of great growth in your professional life. You can feel a breath of good luck coming and opening paths to accomplish what you want. If you’re on a career path you don’t like, this could be your chance to find something that aligns with your values.

You are also going through a period of inner diving. You will have the courage to deal with your ghosts, even if they cause you a lot of irritation. Try not to ignore the discomforts that come and seek therapeutic help if you need it.


The week indicates that you will be able to lighten your shadows more lightly, as if you had a flashlight in your hands. You can free yourself from harmful behaviors in a very conscious way, letting go of what you no longer want in your life.

Another significant trend will be the awakening of the will to dedicate oneself to self knowledge, in order to strengthen the relationship with you. It will also be a good time to travel with someone you love or fall in love with someone from another city. It will be a great phase to study new cultures, as they can bring you more self-knowledge.


Virgo sign illustration
Virgo Weekly Forecast (Image: Adam Vilimek | Shutterstock)

It will be an important week in your affective life. You will be able to better understand what you need to do to find balance in your life as a couple. If you are not in a relationship, you may feel a greater need to be with someone else, as this will provide security. Beware of the tendency to outsource your brilliance, giving more importance to what the other wants than your desires.

It will be an important phase to analyze the pain and trauma generated by your relationships. Seek to welcome the feelings that arise and take care of your wounds. Just be careful, because this analysis can bring a certain impatience.


This week, you will be able to handle your routine in a lighter and more organized way. That way, you’ll have time to have fun and make your everyday life more cheerful. Take the opportunity to discover new ways of working and exploring your capabilities. Self-demand will still be present, especially in the way you organize your tasks. So remember to respect your limits.

At affective life, you can experience a period of joy and harmony in your relationship. There will be an opportunity to meet someone special. In addition, you will be able to find a more harmonious way to resolve conflicts that may exist in your relationships.


You will finally be able to enjoy a greater connection with your personal glow. So enjoy
this time to do the things you love! Have fun, make room for joy in your life, and
let it shine. You will be more confident in your abilities. Try to bring more harmony to your days and the work environment.

Try to be more tolerant of people who have opinions that differ from yours. It will be a good time to learn something new that will improve your relationship with yourself. Your biggest challenge these days will be in relation to pain that is emerging more intensely. If you need it, seek therapeutic help.


This week, you will be able to enjoy happier moments with your loved ones and in your home environment. It will be the ideal time to lighten your relationship with the past. Try to better understand how what you experienced impacts your way of being.

Favorable week also to recognize your values and talents. You may have the opportunity to explore your creative side more. However, you may face a certain challenge in carrying out your daily tasks due to your desire to have fun. In the affective life, try to avoid conflicts, because you can get excited about something that is not real.


Capricorn sign illustration
Forecast of the week for the sign of Capricorn (Image: Adam Vilimek | Shutterstock)

The desire to be at home, in the company of your loved ones, will be more present. It will be an important period to clarify the relationship with your past and take care of your emotions. There will also
greater ability to harmonize family relationships and to enjoy, with relatives, good
moments together. You will strive to bring beauty into your home environment.

In affective life, it will also start a new cycle. You will have greater willingness and courage to conquer someone or something within the relationship. However, it may act more authoritatively; pay attention.


You are living a period of organization of your financial life. You will have greater ability to deal with it without so much self-charge. There may be greater fluidity in this sector. You will tend to value what you have, recognizing the security it brings.

You can open yourself up to meet new people, move around and get out of your routine. You will also be able to enjoy the company of your siblings and close relatives. However, beware of the tendency to explosions. emotional. This can happen if you feel that someone is threatening your ego in some way. Avoid acting in the heat of emotion.


It could be a productive week, with more vitality and confidence to accomplish what you want. Your bright
staff will be up! It is quite possible that what was stagnant will begin to move more significantly. So try to be clear about what you want for this new cycle.

Favorable phase also in financial life. You will be able to increase your resources, in addition to valuing what you have already achieved. However, beware of a tendency to overspend in an attempt to please yourself. In the relations familiar, it is possible that something that is confused triggers tense and exhausting situations.

By astrologer Thaís Mariano

Source: Maxima

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