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This type of symptom should not be normalized and needs to be evaluated by a doctor

A sexual relationship suggests moments of affection, delivery and dedication to the other person. However, what is meant to be a pleasurable moment can become a period of discomfort and deep pain for some women.

According to Felipe Lorenzato, gynecologist and doctor in Molecular Pathology at University College London (UCL), in addition to pelvic inflammatory disease, other illnesses can also cause pain during sexual intercourse. “Sexually Transmitted Diseases like herpes simplex, vaginal candidiasis, vulvodynia or chancroid predispose to superficial pain”, he says.


Pain can also indicate another type of problem, such as vaginismus. “It is an involuntary, recurrent or persistent contraction of the muscles of the perineum adjacent to the lower third of the vagina, when vaginal penetration is attempted or imagined with a penis, finger, tampon or speculum”, conceptualizes Dr. Felipe Lorenzato.

Importance of foreplay

To avoid pain, it is worth remembering the importance of foreplay and creating a favorable atmosphere to welcome the moment of sexual intercourse. “A relaxing environment, music, good conversation, the sexual desirethe exchange of caresses, kisses, stimulation of the nipples and the tactile sensation in the anogenital region, mainly in the periclitoral area, lead to female arousal…”, reinforces the doctor.

Reduced sex drive or libido

When there are no conditions or time for excitement and subsequent adequate lubrication, the likelihood of discomfort during intercourse increases and the chances of reaching orgasm are lower. “This explains why some women may experience discomfort in the sex act, which in turn can decrease sexual desire or libido,” says Dr. Felipe Lorenzato.

Menopause can cause discomfort during intercourse (Image: Shutterstock)

Vaginal lubrication in menopause

the phase of menopause it can also decrease vaginal lubrication. The Doctor. Felipe Lorenzato explains that the condition is characterized by at least 12 consecutive months of absence of menstruation, unrelated to pregnancy, associated with a set of symptoms, and decreased levels of estrogen, which is a female hormone. “Therefore, during menopause, women may experience some discomfort in the sexual act, but a treatment can calmly alleviate the problem”, he adds.

Endometriosis can cause pain

Gynecologist Dr. Cecília Roteli relates to endometriosis as another possible cause of discomfort during sex. “This is because tissues that are normally inside the uterus grow outside the uterus and can cause pain in the pelvis.”

forms of treatment

Pain management, according to Dr. Cecília Roteli, will depend on the cause, and can be done through:

  • Antibiotics or antifungals: for infections in the vagina or bladder
  • Lubricating creams for unexplained vaginal dryness
  • Creams with hormones for cases of menopausal women
  • Psychotherapy for cases of pain due to psychological problems such as childhood trauma and others
  • Surgery for some cases of endometriosis

However, only doctors will be able to diagnose the cause of pain. “In addition to the physical and gynecological examination, there are some tests such as urine and vaginal fluid tests, which will help to make the correct diagnosis and guide the treatment”, concludes the doctor.

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