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The Antitila group was awarded a medal for the defense of the Kyiv region

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The musicians, despite Zaluzhny’s order to leave the front lines, remain fighters of the 130th Territorial Defense Battalion.

Members of the Ukrainian Antibody group were awarded medals for defending the Kyiv region from Russian invaders and conducting combat missions in Irpin. The musicians announced it on Instagram.

So, the band’s frontman Taras Topolya, keyboardist Sergei Vusik, guitarist Dmitry Zholud were awarded the “Honor. Glory. Power” medal.

Also, by order of the Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov, Serhiy Usyk was separately awarded the Badge of Poshan for military strength and “significant personal contribution to the development, development and life support of Armed Forces of Ukraine, who have achieved high military performance. globe and impeccable loyal service.”

“From the society of the city of Kyiv – for courage, patriotism and a high civic position. A clear and courageous civic position throughout the war years, hundreds of lives were saved, faithful service in the defense of native environments of Kyiv and the defense of the country in the north of the Kharkiv region,” added the representatives of the group.

It was previously reported that members of the Antibody team, who from the first days of a mass war took up arms and went to defend their homeland, are leaving the front lines.

Antibodies, along with a group of children and the choir, sang the legendary song

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