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Dasha Astafieva told what the vandals did to her grandfather’s grave

Photo: instagram.com/da_astafieva

The celebrity spoke about the incident that happened to his family before the New Year holidays.

Ukrainian model and singer Dasha Astafieva, who hails from Pokrov, Dnipropetrovsk region, said vandals cut down the Christmas tree at her grandfather’s grave before the New Year holidays. It’s about him reported on your Twitter page.

According to him, he learned about this incident from his uncle, who went to clean the grave before the holiday.

“Friends, I will tell you about a new level below. On the eve of the New Year holidays, a Christmas tree was cut down on the grave of my grandfather, who grew there for more than twelve years! I am sorry that there are such creatures among us …”, she wrote.

Fans of the star noted that this was not the first act of vandalism at the local cemetery.

“Is it in Pokrov? If so, then we patrolled there at night, some manure defiled the graves of heroes in the cemetery a few months ago,” they wrote to Dasha Astafyeva.

Earlier it was reported that presenter Lesya Nikityuk and singer Dasha Astafieva prepared borscht and donuts for our defenders.

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