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“We were able to introduce Robin to birdsong.” In Strasbourg, we are testing home hospitalization for premature babies.

From our correspondent in Strasbourg

Robin yawns in pleasure as she sits comfortably on Mike, her daddy’s lap. This 4.7 kg baby doesn’t know it yet, but he is a pioneer. the new family was the first to benefit from the “house neonatology” established by the University Hospitals of Strasbourg under the direction of Professor Pierre Kuhn, who headed Strasbourg. Department of Neonatology, University Hospitals of Strasbourg. “We had an exemplary journey”assures Elise, Robin’s mother.

Pierre Kuhn, who worked in Sweden for a year, returned convinced of the benefits of “zero separation” for the child from his parents, from birth to leaving the maternity hospital. But what to do when the baby is very premature and the stay is extended to fifteen or even sixteen weeks? Since 2014, Pierre Kuhn has been leading the device project for very premature babies, which has so far been limited to rare French centers such as Toulouse; as soon as they are respiratory stable…

Source: Le Figaro

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