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One third of hospital caregivers suffer from depression

The lack of hospital staff further weakens an already crisis-ridden health care system, with consequences for the quality of care. The Amadeus study, carried out by the team of Guillaume Fond, a psychiatrist in charge of the Expert Center for Schizophrenia and Resistant Depression at the University Hospitals of Marseille, tries to analyze the reasons.

“So we were able to show that caregivers who work 10 or 12 hour overtime have a higher risk of depression and burnout than their counterparts who work 7 hours. It’s better to work more days, but in a shorter time.”explains Dr: Guillaume Fond.

In addition to this work organization element, absenteeism rates are also closely related to individual risk factors. “We’ve shown a link between sleep deprivation, chronic illness, lack of motivation, obesity, and especially history…

Source: Le Figaro

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