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Cocaine poisoning among children is also increasing.

Professor Isabelle Claudette, Pediatrician, Head of Pediatric Department, Head of Pediatric Emergency, Toulouse Hospitals, Decoders “ Le Figaro » Hospital admission numbers of under-15s accidentally exposed to cocaine. They multiplied by 8 in eleven years !

Cocaine is the second most used drug in Europe and 213 tons were seized in 2019, witnessing the expansion of the European market. This turnover rate in France leads to a 40-fold increase in seizures between 2015 and 2021 (643 kg) and 2021 (26.5 tonnes). The purity of cocaine increases and its price remains stable, its delivery is “used” through “dedicated call centers”. Another traffic indicator is the Wastewater Analysis of Major European Cities (SCORE project), including Paris, which is ranked 19th out of 75 cities included. Two regions are more exposed: Occitania due to its proximity to Spain, base…

Source: Le Figaro

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