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Behind the “crochet obsession” is the desire to change the world?

Sewing, knitting, mending… a new combat fiber. Getty Images:

Spheres, balls and needles stand out as posters of coolness. We post our creations on the net like many eco-responsible manifestos.

I embroider, you knit, she knits, we sew, you sew, do they patch? On social media these days, often a faithful mirror of our obsessions, women seem as happy to recover as a tiny wire in a domestic leg. Who will be showing off their new hand-embroidered cross-stitch mantra, their latest homemade shopping bag granny squares (a link-knitting technique that’s all the rage), her vintage shirt brilliantly transformed into an anchor shirt, her patchwork during assembly, or a cardigan allegedly mended at the elbows in a woolly Jackson Pollock fashion.

In essence, the “nimble finger” skills are quite similar to those learned in the “home education classes” of yesteryear… Are these neo-Cusettes, Sunday Penelopes, trendy knitters and Captain Crochet trying to bring the dishonored image of the housewife out of the closet? Alexandra Jube, a trend expert, moderates. “It’s not really about them…

Source: Le Figaro

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