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Camille Shamu. “I’ve long been obsessed with the idea that people think I’m smart”

Camille Shamu.  “I’ve long been obsessed with the idea that people think I’m smart”

Back Shamuland, on Canal+, Camille Chamou defies clichés about women and female humor supported by inspired casting. Fun and honest “Autopromo” interview opportunity.

“Welcome to the land where women do comedy and men do their best.” “Big Shamuland, his new sketch show for Canal+, Camille Chamou surrounded herself with a host of guest stars to create a portrait gallery of women in the “post-feminist and post-MeToo” era.

My mood since?
Creative, therefore happy. I have had three carte blanche projects for Vincent Dediene, Canal+ and Anjou Festival, and I realize how much creativity fulfills me.

How was born? Shamuland ?
I wanted to do a sardonic investigation of female humor and write sketches that defied clichés about women while acknowledging their failings.

What interested me in this presentation?
I wanted to offer new representations to women because I lacked role models in television and film. I wanted to show characters who are funny, blinded, neurotic, stuck in patterns or even seemingly liberated. Rich representations that imitate or inspire us.

I lie much easier in real life than in interviews

Camille Chamou

The solidarity of actresses?
All the actresses of the show agreed to accompany me on this adventure. Proof that there is solidarity. I invited old friends like Audrey Floreau, Camille Cotin, and Blanche Gardin, but also powerful women I dreamed of meeting, like Nouel Madani.

A misconception about feminism that pisses me off.
It’s the ones that annoy me. The pursuit of equality is legitimate.

Is promoting myself a chore?
I like to talk about myself as much as it talks about everyone. This is the principle of being alone on stage: we tell our stories to talk about others. But I also try to remember that the interviews might have benefited me or made me feel good as a reader, so I try to play the game honestly too.

I lie in interviews.
I lie much easier in life than in interviews. And the last time, when I lied to the journalist, I immediately called to say:

Wooden tongue or very sharp?
Very loose, but I worry less about it now. It’s like a romantic argument, sometimes we go overboard, but if there’s love and sincerity, it doesn’t matter. And I refuse to become suspicious in life or work.

Misunderstanding about me?
I am known as a comedian and comedy actress, although my grandfather called me “tragic” and I was a finalist in a tragedy competition when I was 18.

I like to talk about myself as much as it speaks for everyone else

Camille Chamou

What do I like people to say about me?
For a long time I was obsessed with the idea that people thought I was smart, but I don’t care anymore. On the other hand, if I manage to pull up before the end of the year, I’d like everyone to know and say that I’m super muscular.

What do I think when I look in the mirror in the morning?
I prefer myself in motion, I tend to look at myself in the mirror very quickly.

My news?
I am making a short film about inequalities in sports, which will be broadcast in stadiums during the Olympic Games. After that I continue Ghostsa series for Disney+ and another one for France tv Slash where I play a prison director.

Last time I was proud of myself ?
At the Anjou festival, where I gave two new performances. In this Surprise breadI’m talking about a forty-year-old Western man in an existential crisis, faced with the questions of health and death that have suddenly invaded his life. This will definitely be the matrix for my next show.

“Chamouxland” with and with Camille Chamoux, Camille Cotin, Lor Calami, Melha Bedia… Canal+ rerun.

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Source: Le Figaro

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