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These 10 sunscreens get a perfect score of 100/100 at Yuka

These 10 sunscreens get a perfect score of 100/100 at Yuka

The app has just revealed its top 10 solar products, which are clearly good, according to its rating system.

Launched in 2017, the Yucca app has quickly become a part of our daily lives to help us better analyze the ingredients in our food as well as our beauty products. As summer approaches, many people are wondering which sun product(s) they will buy to protect themselves from the harmful effects of sun exposure. Because between sunscreens and minerals and endocrine disruptors, it can be hard to find your way around and know which brand to go for. To put things in perspective, Yuka shared her top 10 sun products on her Instagram account.

All of the listed products receive a perfect score of 100/100 and are therefore qualified by the application as excellent. Therefore, we find Corine de Farme’s Sensitive Protective Milk 50+ (€13.20 for 150ml), Vinosun Ocean Protect SPF 50+ from Caudalie (€12 for 40ml), Sun Milk SPF 50 + from La Rosée (€21.90). for 150ml), Sun Secure Sun Water SPF 50+ from SVR (€23.90 for 200ml), Hei Poa Melting Sun Milk SPF 50 (€19.50 for 150ml), Incredible Gentle Fluid SPF 50+ from Garancia (€23.90: €23.90). ml), Bariésun Moisturizing Cream SPF 50+ from Uriage (€11.90 for 50ml) and Sun Spray SPF 30 from Décathon (€6 for 50ml).

For children

For parents who want to focus on baby products, two creams stand out from the crowd: High Protection Sun Spray SPF 50 from Mustela (€20.60 for 200ml) and Sun Cream SPF 50 from Biolane (€12, 90 100 ml). . But some of the above products, like Garancia’s Incredible Gentle Fluid SPF 50+, are also suitable for the whole family.

The app still insists in its comments to carefully scan the product before buying it, “part of the same brand or even the same range [ayant] sometimes almost identical packaging but completely different compositions”. Meanwhile, Internet users invite us to cross-reference the data with other standard classifications UFC What to choose? Or 60 million consumers, the evaluation criteria are different. Thus, Decathlon or Mustela products also scored very well in the last ranking they conducted UFC Que Choisir: . A wise consumer is worth two.

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Source: Le Figaro

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