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5 K-pop groups that produce their own music

Check out some groups that, like BTS, are responsible for producing their own music

In the world of music, it is common for many artists to sing tracks created by producers and composers specialized in the subject. Likewise, there are singers who decide to give a more personal touch to their art, and choose to personally participate in the process of producing and composing their own songs — where many even perform the same work for other stars.

Within k-pop, this is no different. Although, in many cases, agencies still maintain strict control over the concept of groups and their music, currently, this scenario has changed and, every day, we see more formations gaining the freedom to work on their own tracks.

In BTS, for example, it is extremely common to see albums filled with songs composed and produced by the members themselves — whether from the group’s albums or their solo releases.

With this in mind, RECREIO separated a list of five groups that, like BTS, also produce their own music. Check out!

1. Stray Kids

Concept photo of Stray Kids for the single “Lose My Breath” / Credit: Disclosure/JYP Entertainment

Since pre-debut, Stray Kids has been producing their own music, even counting on a unit of producing members: 3RACHA, composed of Bang Chan, Changbin It is Hanwho sometimes sign their songs with the names of CB97, SPEARBIt is J.ONE, respectively. The trio is responsible for producing most of the group’s title tracks, as well as numerous b-sides. In fact, on the 2022 album “MAXIDENT”, the group included the track “3RACHA”, where the three sing about the challenges and pride of being the producers of Stray Kids.

2. (G)I-DLE

Concept photo of (G)I-DLE for the album
Concept photo of (G)I-DLE for the album “2” / Credit: Disclosure/Cube Entertainment

Since their debut, all of (G)I-DLE’s title tracks have been produced by the leader Jeon Soyeon. Furthermore, she is responsible for coming up with the idea of ​​the concepts for each comeback and presenting it to the company through PowerPoint slides, and dividing the lines of each song, always taking into account the characteristics of each member. In some interviews, Soyeon He has also revealed that, when creating tracks, he is generally inspired by his own members, and imagines the verses that can enhance each one.


Concept photo of SEVENTEEN for the album '17 IS RIGHT HERE'
Concept photo of SEVENTEEN for the album ’17 IS RIGHT HERE’ / Credit: Disclosure/PLEDIS Entertainment

In general, all SEVENTEEN members actively participate in the creative process of their releases, whether in the creation of concepts, choreography and, of course, the songs. The member who is mainly responsible for producing the group’s tracks is Woozi — which already has more than 157 released songs signed in its name and registered with the Korean Music Copyright Association.

4. WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

WJSN promotional image for the single album “Sequence” / Credit: Disclosure/Starship Entertainment

Another leader, who is responsible for producing her own group’s songs, is EXY, from WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls), who has also participated in the creation of the tracks since their debut, and is credited on almost all of the girl group’s title tracks. In fact, during the group’s participation in the reality show “Queendom 2”, EXY decided that it would not use the songs offered by the company for the final, and that, in order to present the best that its members have to offer, it should produce the song: this is how “AURA” came about, the song presented in the final, where the big winners.

5. GOT7

Concep photo for HOMECOMING 2022 FANCON
Concep photo for HOMECOMING 2022 FANCON / Credit: Disclosure/Warner Music Korea

Initially, GOT7 members did not have the opportunity to produce their own music. However, as the years passed and their popularity increased, JYP Entertainment offered them this chance and, since then, almost everyone has participated in productions — especially the leader Jay Bwho today, after everyone left the company responsible for releasing them, is also largely responsible for this process, and is credited on the boy group’s most recent title track, “NANANA”.

Source: Recreio

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