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5 differences between the animation and the Brothers Grimm tale

Check out some differences between the original Brothers Grimm tale and the film version of Walt Disney’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’

In 1959, Disney released its last princess film, which was produced by its renowned founder. Walt Disney: “Sleeping Beauty”. The plot, inspired by the short story of the same name by the French writer Charles Perraultbecame popular with the adaptation of Brothers Grimm — version on which the animation was based.

The film tells the story of Princess Aurora, who, shortly after her birth, receives a curse from the sorceress Malélova who says that, upon turning 16, she would prick her finger on a spinning wheel, entering a deep sleep, which only could be broken with true love’s kiss.

To transform the work into an animated feature film, the studio ended up adapting some details present in the version of Jacob It is Wilhelm Grimm, which many people may not know. With this in mind, RECREIO brought some differences revealed by The Walt Disney Museum between the tale of Brothers Grimm and the animation of Walt Disney. Look!

1. Real name and marriage

Prince Philip as a child meeting Aurora at birth / Credit: Reproduction/Disney

At the beginning of the 1959 film, it is revealed that the princess’s name is Aurora and that, as soon as she was born, she was promised in marriage to Prince Philip. However, both versions are not present in the tale of the Grimm. In the work, the protagonist is called Briar Rose and, at no point, is she promised to marry.

2. Fairies

Fairies Fauna, Flora and Spring in 'Sleeping Beauty' (1959)
Fauna, Flora and Spring Fairies / Credit: Reproduction/Disney

In the film version, there are only three fairies: Fauna, Flora and Primavera. Meanwhile, the history of Grimm features 13 fairies. Initially, everyone was supposed to be invited to the princess’s birth party, however, the kings only had 12 golden plates and, afraid of offending the thirteenth, they ended up not inviting her.

3. Maleficent and the curse

Maleficent in 'Sleeping Beauty' (1959)
Maleficent in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ (1959) / Credit: Reproduction/Disney

The villain Maleficent does not exist in the original version. In the work, the antagonist of the story is the 13th fairy who was not invited to the party, who was extremely offended, and placed a curse on the princess, who would fall into a deep sleep on her 15th birthday — and not 16 as it is said. in animation — lasting 100 years.

4. Life in the forest

Aurora in the cabin where she lives with the fairies in 'Sleeping Beauty' (1959)
Aurora in the cabin that lives with the fairies / Credit: Reproduction/Disney

In the plot of Walt Disney, to protect the princess, her parents send her to live with the fairies in a cabin in the forest, until her 16th birthday passes. However, in the tale of Grimm this never happens, and Aurora, or Briar Rose, continues to live full time with her parents.

5. Prince and the end of the curse

The film tells that, after Aurora sticks her finger on the spinning wheel, she and the entire kingdom go into a deep sleep, leaving only the three fairies, who run in search of the prince to break the curse. In the version of Jacob It is Wilhelmthis does not happen, and the prince only finds the castle and the inhabitants of the kingdom in the hundredth year of the spell.

Furthermore, the iconic moment where Phillip fights Maleficent in dragon form while trying to enter the castle to save his beloved does not happen. In fact, the 13th fairy, responsible for casting the spell, no longer appears after cursing the princess.

Fight between Prince Philip and Maleficent as a dragon in 'Sleeping Beauty' (1959)
Fight between Prince Philip and Maleficent as a dragon / Credit: Reproduction/Disney

Ultimately, true love’s kiss isn’t what wakes Briar Rose — it’s time. This is because, at the moment the prince kisses her, coincidentally, the 100-year period of the curse expires, causing everyone to wake up.

Source: Recreio

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