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How to cheat with your manicure to create the illusion of longer fingers

For those who want to give the illusion of slimmer fingers, there are a few tips.
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If you, like Gwyneth Paltrow, are self-conscious about small hands with somewhat short fingers, know that a well-designed manicure can create a wonderful trompe-l’oeil effect. Explanations and advice from an industry expert.

in an interview with the magazine Temptation Gwyneth Paltrow has confided that she gets a manicure every week or two. In nude favorite colors, but also, conversely, with Chanel’s iconic Rouge Noir. However, there is also a complex behind this weekly ritual. “I have small hands, so I need to give the illusion of lengthening my fingers,” the Goop founder also assures.

And in fact, as Manucurist influencer Camille Teston confirms to us, it’s possible to play around with your manicure to give the impression of longer fingers. “It’s even one of the most frequent requests from customers.” And if the expert admits that “there is no miracle solution, there are still tips that we can apply.”

Work on the shape of the nail

The first thing to consider for nail extension is to change its shape. “You should rather opt for a rounded almond core because it allows you to maintain a longer length, which is very important to offer a slimmer shape.” Also, as Camille Teston points out, long and square nails tend to catch everywhere and therefore break more easily. “This does not prevent you from choosing a sharp almond shape in the end. The goal is simply not to have an angle that increases the risk of breakage.”

Promote regrowth

To give the illusion of length at the level of the fingers, you should also show a little on the nail. And growth can be stimulated by using natural products such as sweet almond or jojoba oil. “They are massaged into the nails, edges and cuticles to deeply nourish and strengthen them. » Manucurist has just launched a new range that sits at the intersection of skincare and makeup. “These are hybrid products that allow for different actions while providing a lacquered effect. » The Active range, which now has five different references, is applied directly to the nail, requiring neither a base nor a top coat.

Manucurist’s new Active range has five different links to tackle as many problems.

So, the two products called Glow, for example, are enriched with sweet almond oil. “We can also use our Green Oil, which is a blend of six oils, to apply daily, massaging in to stimulate growth while nourishing. »

Use nail art

Whoever says lacquer, he also says color. If Gwyneth Paltrow dares both a natural nude and a dark tone, is there a color or shades she favors? “In terms of color, there really aren’t any rules,” explains Camille Teston. On the other hand, we will be able to play with nail art effects. Starting from the crescent of the nail (the part of the white crescent near the root) we will stretch the nail to the other end. It’s a bit of the same rule as in fashion. Another suggestion from a Manucurist expert. apply the first layer of white or another color, then at the level of the first quarter of the nail, starting from the bottom, apply another shade. “This superposition will make it possible to enlarge the nail. »

Accessorize your arm appropriately

Finally, if we go beyond the strict domain of manicure, the choice of jewelry will also help to emphasize the hand and give this effect of length. “We forget the wide rings and the ones that take up an entire knee. Automatically, when you have a very thin model at the base of the finger, it will look much slimmer,” concludes Camille Teston.

With all these tips, your hands should be able to… make a start.

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Source: Le Figaro

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