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Raphael Quenard. “I’m going to take it easy at the Cannes Film Festival this year”

INTERVIEW – We met the actor, whose talent is as astonishing as it is obvious, on the eve of the Cannes Film Festival, where he is defending two films. Act Two And Love fu.

“Photography is truth, and cinema surpasses truth twenty-four times per second…” Jean-Luc Godard’s quote resonates especially in the life of Raphael Quenar, for whom fiction concentrates “the beautiful, the funny, the innovative, the creative… everything that will probably brighten our reality.” His performances in the cinema breaking dog By Jean-Baptiste Durand and Yannick , by Quentin Dupierre, which made her stand out at the Césars last February.

He was nominated for both Best Actor (which he won) and Best Actor. Currently showing fantastic three By Michael Dichter, he is expected in three more films this year. Among them, Act Two , by Quentin Dupierre, with Vincent Lyndon, Léa Seydoux and Louis Garrel (who opened the Cannes Film Festival on May 14), and love fu selected by Gilles Lelouch in the official competition. A double rise of stairs, which does not seem to scare the new prince of French cinema.

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Madame Figaro. – What do you expect from the Cannes Film Festival? ?
Raphael Quenard. Having not seen the films in which I act, I look forward to discovering them in the main hall of the Palais des Festivals with the public. Before the show, I could be as excited as a child the day before a football tournament. I also know that I will have to take care of myself a little… Two years ago I went to Cannes to present four films. Cut , By Michel Hazanavicius, november By Cedric Jimenez, Smoking causes cough By Quentin Dupierre and Court of Miracles by Karine May and Hakim Zuhani, and I really wasn’t expecting the frenetic pace of the festival. This year, I will play more quietly: a glass of champagne and bed after the movie.

Quentin Dupierre does not want to reveal anything about his film. What can you (yet) tell us? Act Two ?
The script hit me like a bomb. Quentin Dupierre moves the cursor forward a bit. He crosses the line between good and evil, right and wrong, reality and fiction. I have to say that I had a great time on the set with Léa Seydoux, Vincent Lyndon and Louis Garrel, whom I didn’t know before.

You meet Dupierre for the fourth time. What do you enjoy working with him? ?
This filmmaker lights up my life by offering me roles that are real gifts. And then, it’s an opportunity to interact with an artist that I’ve always found so brilliant and fascinating. My brother and I watched his movies over and over and I still find myself rolling and laughing on the floor in front of the TV, especially in front of the TV. wrong cops With Mark Burnham.

In Act TwoQuentin Dupierre straddles the line between good and evil, just and unjust, reality and fiction.

Raphael Quenard

trailer of Act Two shows that the four actors, including you, want to pull the rug out for themselves. Are all actors self-centered? ?
As with all professions, there are some, but some know how to do it better than others. We have the impression that actors are self-centered, but in life it happens that the complete opposite happens. Many of them are unable to express their feelings, while the game puts them in situations of great immodesty regarding very intimate things. To get to know an actor, it is sometimes more useful to see his films than his interviews. The look, even in cinema, is unmistakable and you can discover a life, a soul. I feel like you can’t cheat, and some actors like Raimu excel at truth and purity. With it, the viewer does not perceive anything about the device, everything is crossed, well anchored, it is almost documentary.

Why do you make movies? ?
I am so fascinated by the final object (the film) that I am equally interested in how it was created. It’s the same excitement, the same wonder, as an apprentice wizard discovering the mechanics of a new trick. That is why I am embarking on the first feature film with Hugo David, with whom I co-directed the short film, The actor or the surprising virtue of obscurity. Cinema also allows me to meet atypical personalities. On the set you can meet a former Formula 1 driver, a researcher, a beekeeper… Many different backgrounds coexist and these encounters are always enriching. Finally, cinema heals my mind, it opens me to the world and develops my imagination. Even my night dreams became crazier.

Which director was it? Gilles Lelouch is on Phew Love ?
He knew how to create an incredible atmosphere where the team reigned. Like a football coach, he celebrated every good plan with the whole team, while remaining extremely demanding. In this love story between Clotre (Francois Civil) and Jackie (Adele Exarchopoulos), two diametrically opposed teenagers in the 1980s, I play Clotre’s younger brother.

To get to know an actor, it is sometimes more useful to see his films than to see his interviews

Raphael Quenard

What made you want to play? The fantastic three ?
I play an ex-convict who uses his little brother to orchestrate his schemes, and I loved that Michael Dichter uses the trust of family ties (the last bastion of purity and no-holds-barred) to inject guile and cynicism.

Where did you keep your Caesar? ?
I gave it to my grandmother, who must have put it on the kitchen table, near the microwave. I take this award as an encouragement, but having admired holy monsters like Sacha Guitry, Louis Jouvet, Louis de Funes or Jean-Paul Belmondo, I will need more than a film or two to be happy because I am. realizes the level of work that being an actor requires.

Fantastic threeBy Michael Dichter and Act Twoby Quentin Dupierre, in theaters.
Love fuBy Gilles Lelouch, released on October 16.

Source: Le Figaro

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