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5 Disney Channel series that deserved to return

Check out other Disney Channel series that, like “Wizards of Waverly Place”, also deserved a revival

In January 2024, Deadline exclusively announced that Disney Branded Television would be producing a sequel to the renowned Disney Channel series “Wizards of Waverly Place”, a production known for boosting the career of the actress and singer Selena Gomez.

The revival, however, which is scheduled to premiere in the autumn of the northern hemisphere (between the months of September and November), should focus on Justin, the character played by the actor David Henriewith Selena making only a few special appearances.

The new episodes will follow Justin giving up his powers, after a mysterious incident happens at WizTech, and living an ordinary life alongside his wife and children. However, everything must change after a young wizard appears on the older Russian’s doorstep, forcing him to embrace his past and train the boy.

In addition to “Wizards of Waverly Place”, Disney Channel has a huge catalog of successful series that also deserved a revival — whether in the form of a series, film, or even a short film.

With that in mind, RECREIO selected 5 Disney Channel series that deserved to return. Check out!

1. Good Luck, Charlie!

Promotional image for the series “Good Luck, Charlie!” / Credit: Disclosure/Disney Channel

During all four seasons, Teddy (Bridgit Mendler) dedicated herself to creating videos for her younger sister Charlie (Mia Talerico), to help her with life issues as she grows up, recording daily, without fail, until the day she enters college, a moment presented in the last episode of the series. A revival could feature Charlie, now a teenager, trying to follow the advice from her older sister’s videos, or at least showing whether they were valid in her life.

2. Jessie

Promotional image for the series “Jessie” / Credit: Disclosure/Disney Channel

Right at the beginning of “Jessie”, we discover that the protagonist played by Debbie Ryan She moved to New York in pursuit of her dream of becoming an actress, and ends up becoming a nanny for the Ross family to support herself. In the series finale, Jessie moves to Hollywood, where she will finally see her dream come true. But, can you imagine what your life will be like after achieving what you always wanted? This is a plot that could be explored in a new production.

3. Sunny Between Stars

sunny between stars
Promotional image of Demi Lovato for the series ‘Sunny Entre Estrelas’ / Credit: Disclosure/Disney Channel

With only two seasons, “Sunny Entre Estrelas” had to be canceled after the protagonist Demi Lovato face health problems, leaving the series with an open ending. A revival could feature Sunny’s life as a comedian in Hollywood after she leaves “Senseless!”

4. Zack & Cody: Twins on Board

Promotional image for the series
Promotional image for the series “Zack & Cody: Twins on Board” / Credit: Disclosure/Disney Channel

After getting ready at the Tipton Hotel, the Zack twins (Dylan Sprouse) and Cody (Cole Sprouse) boarded the Ship Tipton to study at Colégio Sete Mares, where they finished their studies. The graduation of the twins and their friends is presented in the last episode of the third season, however, it was never revealed what happened to the brothers after finishing school, and how they were after becoming adults.

5. KC Agent

Promotional image for the series
Promotional image for the series “Agente KC” / Credit: Disclosure/Disney Channel

Starring Zendaya, “Agent KC” follows the story of KC, a teenager who has a spy family, and lives a double life, needing to reconcile the day-to-day life of an ordinary teenager with her career as a secret agent. In the last episode of the third season, the teenager graduates, and reveals that, in addition to going to college, she still wants to continue being a spy. A revival could follow her double life in a normal job, and the role of a secret agent — in addition to revealing whether her future husband and children would also follow the same path.

Source: Recreio

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