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“They must go through hell.” a relative tells about the daily life of Kate Middleton and Prince William

Charlotte, George, Kate Middleton and Prince William.
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Amaya Arrieta, a Cambridge children’s dresser, told about the current situation of the family in the columns. Telegraph:on May 2.

As Kate Middleton continues to recover, the news about her health is not encouraging. At the end of March, the Princess of Wales announced that she had cancer and was starting chemotherapy, prompting her to withdraw from the public sphere for a while. Two months later, Amaya Arrieta, a Cambridge children’s dresser, gave an interview Telegraph: briefly discussing the family’s current routine. “I’m heartbroken right now, I think they’re going through hell and I hope they come back stronger,” she said on May 2. A sentence carried by the Anglo-Saxon media causing a little more concern:

Black and white photo

Because Prince William’s wife has never specified the nature of her cancer, and since last March, the rumors around her have intensified. At first, the photo montage, which was published on the occasion of Mother’s Day, was at the center of debates. The mother of Georges, Charlotte and Louis did indeed alter several details of the photo, leading to much speculation. After his cancer announcement and some rest, the car was back in action in late April after a new photo was released. To celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary, Kate and William shared a never-before-seen portrait taken on their wedding day. “I thought I was going to have a heart attack,” the comments read. But still. “Black and white photo. Terrible”. ; “There are problems with their team. He knows the situation. “He should know that posting black and white photos will cause people unnecessary distress.”

A few days later, on April 30, Prince William answered a woman’s question during a visit to Newcastle, England. “Do you mind if I ask how your wife and children are?” And he answered: “They’re all good, thanks. Yes, we are doing very well.” So, according to stylist Amaya Arrieta New York Post contacted Kensington Palace in an attempt to learn more about the veracity of his claims. The facility declined to comment at this time.

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