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Is it better to choose fruit or yogurt for dessert?

THE RIGHT QUESTION: Is it better to choose yogurt or fruit at the end of the meal? A dietitian nutritionist gives him advice on choosing the best option.

To satisfy a little hunger or gourmand craving, some people find it hard to finish a meal without a little touch of sweetness. Since dessert is an integral part of our diet, it is important to choose it carefully so as not to harm our health in the end. But between the creaminess of yogurt and the freshness of fruit, which option should you choose if you want to eat healthy and balanced? Dietitian nutritionist Laetitia Suissa’s answer.

Every meal has its own dessert

From a purely nutritional point of view, one should not be preferred over the other. Natural yogurt and fruit each have their benefits. The first, which by infiltrating the milk with bacteria called lactic acid enzymes, is “rich in calcium, phosphorus and proteins”, Laetitia Suissa shows. However, “these bacteria are very important for the proper functioning of our gut microbiota.” In turn, the fruit is a mine of “vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.” Being rich in fructose makes it a good source of energy for the body, and the intake of fiber also contributes to the regulation of transit, adds the specialist.

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Choices should be made at each meal to ensure a varied and balanced diet. “As part of a high-carbohydrate meal (since it mainly consists of starchy foods), choosing yogurt may be more appropriate for protein intake,” suggests the dietitian nutritionist. Conversely, if our main plate consists of proteins and vegetables without starches, then it is good to eat fruit to provide the body with the sugar it needs. But it is quite possible to use both at the same time, the specialist notes. By choosing this option, the proteins in yogurt can also lower the glycemic index of the fruit. And thus we avoid blood sugar spikes.

Pay attention to the quantities

Provided you respect the maximum recommended daily servings. In fact, it’s recommended to get “two to three portions of fruit every day” — the equivalent of one portion of an apple, half a banana, two kiwis, 15 to 20 grapes. Moreover, it is recommended not to use “more than three dairy products per day”, the specialist notes.

Some contraindications remain. Because although both are health allies, we must be careful to respect the special sensitivities of each. “This makes sense, but in case of lactose intolerance or allergy, it is not recommended to use yogurt,” warns the specialist. Finally, some people may have trouble digesting the fiber that fruit provides. In this case, it is preferable to use them mixed or in compotes.

Source: Le Figaro

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