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What did Dahn World say about association with BTS?

From BIGHIT MUSIC, BTS has been accused of being associated with a religious cult called Dahn World; see the details!

In the last weeks of April, the BTS became the victim of speculation about the theft of creative concepts for concept photos and manipulation of graphics for the promotion of the album ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life’, released in 2015, as well as being linked to a religious cult called Dhan World.

The accusations, which emerged online, state that the association with Dhan World occurs through HYBE, a conglomerate that subsidizes agencies such as BIGHIT Music and that, in addition to BTS, groups such as Tomorrow X Together, NewJeans and ILLIT were used by the company to that beliefs related to the sect were promoted along with the launches of formations that belong to the corporation’s seals.

Additionally, on May 2, a live broadcast on the YouTube channel called HOVERLAB, brought connections between the founder of Dahn World, Lee Seung Heunand BTS, by presenting several clips and prints, among them, an excerpt in which Lee Seung Heun confirms that the members of BTS were studying at the Global Cyber ​​University (GCU), the school where he is the founder and dean.

At Global Cyber ​​University (GCU), students study “Brain Education”, the idea of ​​which, which guides the entire cult of Dhan World, argues that, if harnessed enough, the energy gained during the learning process could allow them to “fly to a ‘star of enlightenment’ aboard a golden turtle-shaped spacecraft,” as stated in the video. Check it out in full!

But, what did Dahn World say about association with BTS?

Given the accusations, on May 1, 2024, Dahn World clarified, through a statement, published on the Koreaboo portal, that it has no association with HYBE.

Amid the search for truth between entertainment company HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin, yoga company Dahn World has been dragged into a related controversy. We want to clearly state that the controversy surrounding Dahn World is completely false.

We will take strong legal action against the spread of fake news that frames Dahn World, causing slander, business disruption and financial losses,” the company said.

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