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A 60-year-old woman wins the “Miss Universe” regional election in Buenos Aires

If she passes the national stage, she will represent Argentina in the famous contest for choosing the most beautiful woman on the planet.

Although the contest, which plans to choose a Miss from artificial intelligence, is controversial by promoting unattainable standards of beauty, it seems that everything is also progressing on the part of Miss Universe. The rules of the competition, which brings together the most beautiful women of the international level, actually decided to remove any age restrictions in August 2022. Thus allowing Alejandra Rodriguez to become a beauty queen in 2024 at the age of 60.

This journalist, lawyer and legal consultant at the hospital made history by being the oldest woman to win the title of Miss Universe Buenos Aires, according to the Instagram page of the Miss Universe Buenos Aires Committee. He must now win the national event (held on May 25) to hope to represent Argentina in the finals, the 73rd match of which will be played on September 28 in Mexico.

The Bolivian newspaper reports Los TiemposThe new Miss Demi Moore with fake air said that she owes her figure and figure to good eating and sports habits. So he walks and runs at least three times a week, someone who loves nature, sun and relaxation. On his Instagram account, we also see him windsurfing or posing in front of a boat. She also preferred nutritional supplements to cosmetic surgery.

A new way to shake up the very fixed codes of these beauty pageants, which are often criticized for being from another time. After being chosen as Miss France with short hair, will we witness the crowning of Miss Universe over the age of 50? Nothing less is certain.

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Source: Le Figaro

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