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“It’s not my body.” Camille Lelouch talks about difficult self-acceptance after giving birth.

On the occasion of the release of her book, the comedian, singer and actress talks about her relationship with another body after the birth of her daughter.

If it’s time for self-acceptance and body kindness, especially after pregnancy, Camille Lelouch confides without taboos about the difficulties of facing physical changes. She who is also a singer is actually promoting her book tell you everything (Stock), a book addressed to his daughter Alma, born in October 2022. In a video interview broadcast from the magazine’s Instagram page. Current wife He explains. “Motherhood made me gain a lot of weight.”

She, who had to return to work after 10 days to “earn a fact”, as she says in an interview published on the website of the weekly newspaper, had to deal with her postpartum body. “I saw my body and my face on TV. . I didn’t have time, I didn’t have a transition. And then I didn’t even manage to play sports. I tried a little. […] I’d rather stay with my baby than go to the gym. …I was a little careful about what I ate, not all the time.”

Camille Lelouch at the Victoria Thomas fashion show on February 27, 2024.
Zabulon Laurent / Zabulon Laurent/ABACA

“I’ll just have to get used to it”

The 37-year-old actress also talks about the nostalgia she feels about her pre-pregnancy thinness. “It is not simple. I’ve always been skinny and that’s what I like. And suddenly you gain weight by 20 kilograms and say: “Oh, it’s something else.” Even the body is not the same anymore, because, for example, it’s stupid, I didn’t have hips, and the fact that I have hips is no longer my body. I’ve lived in a different body for 36 years, so it might be shocking to people, but it’s not to me, it’s not my body. So I just have to get used to it. But it takes some time, because I lived in “another” body for 36 years. I am very honest.”

The artist does not hide his intention to do everything to try to reunite with his former body. “My goal is to find the old one, not at the same weight, because I was still very, very thin. There I accept, because I have no choice, but I don’t have much choice either. In order to restore the figure before starting a new pregnancy. “If I have a second child tomorrow, it will be worse. I think you should still want to be who you used to be.”

“My daughter first”

On the magazine’s website, she also notes that it’s a very personal vision, but she likes to be skinny. “It’s my feeling. Not to be shallow, just that I like to feel toned and lean. It’s my body, I’ve always known it that way, I don’t want to leave it.” Before stressing that women quickly find themselves in prejudices related to their figure. “It’s true that women sometimes apologize for being thin so they don’t offend other people. And there are obese women who are curvy, fit their bodies, and we also want to make people believe that they are not healthy.

In any case, the priority for the comedian continues to be his daughter. “In my head, it’s ‘my daughter first.’ I see her with her little bumps and she doesn’t care. A carefree attitude that the young mother wants him to maintain. “He must feel good. If she feels good about her weight, whether she’s thin, toned, puffy, not bloated… If she’s happy and feels good, that’s the most important thing.” A message he conveys to his daughter with the image of his book, a true testimony that he wants to leave her.

Source: Le Figaro

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