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But why do we want Leonardo DiCaprio to lead a clean life at all costs?

Chloe Obsession – No, Leonardo DiCaprio is not engaged, we learn another denial. A little disappointed, we can’t help but wonder, why are we so invested in the sentimental life of this distant star?

On this spring morning, we did not see the passing hours. Too busy, no doubt, sifting through the details of the conflict between Natasha St-Pierre and Ines Reg. Verdict: We don’t have an opinion on that topic yet. It’s almost noon and we’re craving halloumi. We decide to go to our favorite restaurant. As usual, we scroll mechanically in the queue. And we were surprised to discover that Leonardo DiCaprio is going to get engaged. The lucky one? 25-year-old Italian model Vittoria Seretti spotted a ring on her finger on Tuesday, March 26. The actor is going to get married. TMZ quickly tempered our delight. No, Leonardo DiCaprio is not engaged. And we feel a sense of disappointment.

Overcome with a sudden flash of intelligibility, we wonder why we want the actor to settle for good. At almost 50 years old, doesn’t he have the right to lead his life as he wants? After all, there was a time when people looked forward to being single. In the mid-1990s, many dreamed of a love story with the young lead Titanic. Since then, we have watched from afar his successive romances with models such as Gisele Bündchen, Kate Moss or Bar Raphael, which is the privilege of Hollywood life, we thought. And we laughed when the leading man, inclined to break from his sex-symbol persona, alternately played a crippled salesman and a bear-attacking trapper. We were even amused by his tricks with the paparazzi, his constant taste for nightclubs.

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Rap and beach volleyball

But now, for some time, a slight anger has gripped us. Feeling aggravated by years of stolen photos. On the front pages, Leonardo DiCaprio is sunbathing on a yacht with his best friend, Tobey Maguire. On others, he starts a game of beach volleyball with Sean Penn and a group of young women in Malibu. Sometimes he whispers in the ear of slender blondes during a trip to a night club. Several decades have passed, and a certain weariness is covering us. The countless rumors surrounding his love life, from his alleged romance with Gigi Hadid to his alleged romance with Lorenzo Lamas’ daughter Victoria, are not so funny anymore.

We also feel a bit uneasy after discovering this chart, which states that the older an actor gets, the younger his accomplishments become; most of them are also under 25 years old. Our weariness is growing after discovering that Leonardo DiCaprio was mocked for improvising a rap on his 49th birthday.e birthday. Amazed, we wonder if the actor will ever grow up. Even George Clooney, Hollywood’s toughest bachelor, is now married with kids. Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio’s co-star Titanichas also chosen a much less hectic existence.

Another way

A podcast episode scandals, dedicated to the actor, sheds light on our moods. According to pop culture journalist Fatma Torkhani, some early fans hoped to see their childhood idol grow at the same pace they did. However, Leonardo DiCaprio took a path that was anything but traditional. A journey that tarnished his image as a young leader, the hero of a love story that goes beyond “externality, superficiality”. In real life, the actor communicates with “unavailable” women, has not given up wild nights and still participates in beach volleyball games. The eternal Gatsby, cultivating its mystery as much as its sense of celebration.

Perhaps this is what annoys us: Leonardo DiCaprio is free, in the sense that he is freed from the gaze of others and the expectations that weigh on him. Which rarely goes unnoticed, especially when the eyes of the whole world are on you. And we decide that it’s probably time to leave him alone. Who knows ? Perhaps he will decide to settle down “one day,” as he told an Australian reporter in 2019. And we take back a delicious bite of grilled halloumi, relieved.

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Source: Le Figaro

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