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AGIPI promotes inspiring women

As women do not take enough risks in their professional lives, according to Odoxa research, the insurance association is strongly committed to Femmes Business Angels, the first network of female business angels in France and Europe.

The results are clear. To reduce gender inequalities, we need to encourage women to take more risks, the French believe. AGIPI magazine on March 8 International Women’s Day Challenges and BFM Business commissioned a survey from Odoxa. Indeed, male respondents (and even more female respondents at 89%) strongly believe in the importance of taking risks to achieve success. However, 63% of women say they don’t accept it in their professional lives, compared to 53% of men. Most of them say that they missed out on opportunities in the world of work because of a lack of self-confidence and a reluctance to take risks. Every second woman even admits that she is not able to do something if she is not absolutely confident and sure that she can do it. Thus, women are still extremely “cautious” in their professional life, but also in terms of savings, as Odoxa’s research shows. With a taste for risk typical of many men, AGIPI renews its partnership with Femmes Business Angels, a network of 170 investors who support start-ups and encourage women to play an active role in the development of the economy.

AGIPI is dedicated to women

AGIPI has always been committed to women by adding priority guarantees to its contracts (“young mother” coverage that allows them to enjoy their new life, an innovative guarantee against domestic violence, no new deductible for breast reconstruction after breast cancer, for example) . It is important to protect women’s lives so that they can work and do business in the best possible conditions. As many studies highlight the positive impact and diversity of women in the economic world, AGIPI is also organizing WINDAYS, the next of which will take place on May 29 in Lille and September 19 in Rennes. Prepared with Femmes Business Angels, these days’ debates and meetings promote women’s desire for entrepreneurship. At a time when only one in three companies is founded by a woman, AGIPI wants to break the glass ceiling, change representations and make women bolder than ever.

Source: Le Figaro

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