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Lady Gaga. “When I started my career, being a regular beauty wasn’t working for me”

Haus Labs, Lady Gaga’s cosmetics brand, will arrive exclusively at Sephora in France this Tuesday, March 26th. A chance to talk to the actress and singer about her vision for beauty, makeup and skin care.

It is with a flawless complexion, messy hair, a clean face and a very sober black dress that she appears to us. A thousand miles away from extravagance Unsuccessful romance or opulence An expressionless faceLady Gaga shows herself almost without makeup during this digital conference. The artist met with several journalists from several European countries where his cosmetics brand, Haus Labs, is based, exclusively at Sephora. With limited time and much less intimate than expected, the schedule of the star, who is now fully preparing for her new album, is so busy. But Stephanie Germanotta, her real name, assures him. “I’m really involved every day in this company. I design the products until they are launched, oversee the business, make sure all the departments work well together.” However, he admits. “It’s true, I’m not the “typical” founder of famous cosmetics brands. You don’t often see me posing next to a product. But I think it’s not a problem, because we focus primarily on the quality and scientific effectiveness of our products, not on selling an idea of ​​unattainable beauty. An honorable point he has made since the brand new launch in 2022.

Lady Gaga, the founder of Haus Labs cosmetics brand.
Press/Haus Labs/Sephora

Start all over again

Indeed, after the first launch of Haus Laboratories in 2018 with exclusive distribution on Amazon, whose own fans criticized the very commercial artistic direction and questionable quality, the brand failed and eventually broke its partnership with the multinational. Later, with a complete rebranding, it was reborn as “Haus Labs by Lady Gaga” and transformed into an inclusive, “clean” and carefully inspired cosmetics range. Foundation and concealer (available in 51 and 31 shades respectively) open this new chapter. “I didn’t want to sell my appearance. I didn’t want people to idealize my appearance and try to achieve my personal preferences or the look I advertise,” she explains solemnly. “I wanted to create high-quality makeup that takes care of your skin. The idea is not to offer as many options as possible, but to provide products that are validated across all skin tones to offer equal options to everyone. Science, high performance and kindness were important values ​​for me.”

The collection plans to expand immediately with blushes, bronzers, highlighters and tinted lip treatments. In addition to being free of over 2,600 toxic or suspected toxins, all are formulated with the same patented high-tech active ingredient with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. “I’ve been using arnica for years to relieve my joint pain. So I wondered if it could also have an effect on the skin if we used it in our formulations. So we fermented it to see if it would visibly reduce the redness,” he continues, adding that he is particularly concerned about this issue. I wake up red every morning.”

The milestone of thirty

This change in image and this desire to rebuild her business have gone hand in hand with the personal and professional evolution Lady Gaga has seen in recent years. Once known for her bold and eccentric beauty, both in her music videos and on red carpets, she has dropped the mask and no longer hesitates to show herself as she naturally is on her social media.

“My relationship with makeup has evolved and gained wisdom over the years. At first I used it to transform myself and find my identity as an artist. It was an interesting way for me to study fashion,” says the musician. “But when I hit my thirties, makeup became a way to take care of myself every day. I’ve gone from bold black eyeliner and red lipstick to a good foundation and concealer that takes care of my skin. Today, I want something fresh, light that lasts throughout my day as a businessman, performer, singer, artist and philanthropist.”

However, the heroine of the film A star is born makes it clear that he does not oppose these two views. “As women, we’re told from a young age that we have to put on makeup to present ourselves to the world, but when we go too bold with makeup, we get criticized for wearing too much makeup. I find this unfair. We question our authority, we are described as superficial,” she laments, believing that “makeup is primarily a way to take care of yourself, to feel better about your skin.”


When she was younger, immersing herself in her brushes was mostly an outlet for young Stephanie. “I’ve always seen it as a form of self-expression. I went to a school where makeup was not allowed. So as soon as I came out, I couldn’t wait to see who I was. I would go, I would buy everything I could afford, and I would come home to rehearse, I would try everything I could get from my mother,” he recalls. “It wasn’t until I was 17, 18 that I really started experimenting with looks because I was doing musicals at the school down the street from me. Then, when I started performing more and more in New York as a singer, makeup was a way to create a new version of myself, to understand my identity, to trust myself like I had never felt before. I was very self-conscious as a child, I suffered from many insecurities. Makeup taught me to feel powerful.”

I was very self-conscious as a child, I suffered from many insecurities. Makeup taught me to feel powerful

Lady Gaga

At 37, the actress intends to continue to be at the forefront and shake up the codes with the promising revival of Haus Labs. “When I started my career, being a regular beauty wasn’t working for me. I was more focused on artistic performance and the ability to push boundaries. I have always been someone who has fought against feminine norms and the rules of patriarchy. It’s always been a part of me,” he recalls.

I have always been someone who has fought against feminine norms and the rules of patriarchy. It’s always been a part of me

Lady Gaga

A paradigm shift

If her rebellious psyche, free from conventions, remains unchanged, Lady Gaga’s field of action is now moving to the beauty industry. “We live in an era where aesthetics prevails, especially because of social media and branding. I don’t begrudge people who celebrate it, I think it’s an art form and another way of approaching life that belongs to everyone,” he explains, “but I see it happening big change. profiler leaving this quest. for aesthetics and goes rather towards product ethics. Since the Covid pandemic, people have not only put a special importance on care and want to know what they are putting on their face, but also want to use innovative and useful products for their skin.

We live in an age where aesthetics reign supreme, especially thanks to social media and branding.

Lady Gaga

Prosperity ritual

Well-being education, which Lady Gaga says she learned about very early in childhood. “My first memory of makeup is with my mother. Every morning, she cleansed her skin, applied moisturizer and self-massaged her face before applying makeup. I admired how he took such care of himself, he admits, although he was not an artist in the literal sense, as I was able to become, somehow he “performed” every day. at the place of work. Her makeup regimen wasn’t just a step in her health ritual, it was how she wanted to present herself to the world. I think it inspired me at a very young age to pick it up self service“.

Looking forward to seeing her as Harley Quinn in the movie Joker 2: Folie à deux Next October, Lady Gaga is giving her fan community carte blanche to explore their creativity with these new tools. “My vision of beauty comes from all the stories I’ve heard around the world. I have been fortunate to travel and perform in front of millions of people over the past two decades. This audience isn’t just fans who buy your music or makeup. These are real people with real lives, real stories, from real communities and who take on real responsibilities. It made me want to create something that could help them feel good.”

Campaign photo from Haus Labs, Lady Gaga’s cosmetics brand.
Press/Haus Labs by Lady Gaga/Sephora

(1) Haus Labs by Lady Gaga will be available exclusively at Sephora starting March 26, 2024 and in preview on the Sephora app starting March 22, 2024.

Source: Le Figaro

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