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“Most of my life was wasted.” Isilde Le Besco, for her part, talks about her toxic relationship with Benoit Jaco.

Actress and director Isild Le Besco. (Deauville, September 12, 2009)
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After the testimony of Judith Godrech, the actress Isilde Le Besco speaks for the first time about her relationship with the director Benoit Jaco, whom she accuses of violence when she was only 16 years old.

At the beginning of February c The worldSeveral actresses have denounced that they were subjected to violence and sexual harassment, for example, Judith Godrech, by director Benoit Jacot. Actress Julia Roy later described the relationship as “consisting of manipulation, dominance, physical abuse and sexual abuse”. For her part, Isilde Le Besco admitted that she was subjected to “psychological or physical violence” by the film director. Without saying more, the actress and director said that she is “not ready to talk about this story in the media”.

Today, when the shadow of sexual scandals hangs over Cesar’s ceremony, the actress agreed to speak in the columns. parisian about the relationship with the film director, with whom he shot 5 films. Maiouen’s sister specifically denounces the “destructive influence” of Benoit Jacque, with whom she began a relationship when she was 16 and he was 52. “On the surface, it was a relationship that nurtured beautiful films and opened the world to me,” he explains. But inside it was also a devastating effect, a loss of self. Above all, psychological violence. Benoit Jaco thought he knew better than I who I was and what I thought. For example, he constantly told me that I was fat. There was also physical violence, sometimes out of anger.”

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“One effect causes another effect”

“What is very serious is that since I experienced this relationship at the age of 16, it was part of who I am. One influence causes other influences,” he adds in this interview parisian. “Then I experienced worse things with other men because I was ready to break myself for someone. A lot of my life was wasted.”

How was this influence born? For Isilde Le Besco, it is clear that she was “easy prey”. “I was a fragile young girl, very flexible,” she thinks. I have always been very isolated, even at school. (…) For a long time I thought that I was worthless without attention. Then I realized that it was the way people looked at me from a young age that created this; a gaze that doesn’t see the person, just the projection. However, if we only believe that we exist in the eyes of others, we easily become their object. It is very natural that we learn to accept the things that cause us pain. Not listening to your body, not even feeling it. You are also used to being silent.”

“He literally robbed me”

In her interview with a regional daily, Isilde Le Besco also mentions Jacques Doillon, whom she accuses of taking a role away from her when she turned down his advances. “I was 17 and he asked me to prepare for a role. I spent weeks improvising and co-writing the script, and the day I declined his advances, he fired me from the film. He literally robbed me, and not only my work,” he says. Condemning the complicity of art 7 to all the abuses he suffered. “The film industry behaved just like a family behaves when one of its members is treated badly. keeping quiet.”

Benoit Jaco and Jacques Doillon are today the targets of Judith Godrech’s complaint for “rape of a minor under 15” committed by a person in authority. Isild Le Besco has not yet filed a complaint against them, but intends to. the time parisianHe confirms. “Yeah, chances are I will at some point.”

Source: Le Figaro

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