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“The sacrifices really affected me.” I was immersed in a mental hospital for teenagers.

Director of the Maison de Solenn in Paris and child psychiatrist Marie-Rose Moreau and journalist Sophie Carcouen.
David Coulon

INTERVIEW OF THE CROSS – Anorexia, eco-anxiety, school phobia… Twenty years after the Maison de Solenn was founded in Paris, its director Marie-Rose Moreau deciphers the suffering of teenagers with the journalist Sophie Carqueen, author of a powerful story.

When titling a book full of humanity (1) that author Sophie Carqueen dedicated to young patients at Maison de Solenn (the reporter is also our colleague), the publisher suggested… Fragile. Sophie Carcouen and Professor Marie-Rose Moreau, director of the Department of Child Psychiatry at the Cochin Hospital in Paris (AP-HP), opposed it with equal enthusiasm. “Fragrant?” the psychiatrist complains again this winter morning when we meet them, the word is offensive. These teenagers are not fragile. But in great suffering, yes.” Since 2008, the therapist with a dazzling smile and contagious dynamism has been the cornerstone of this establishment, opened on November 17, 2004 by Bernadette Chirac. Twenty years already. In the hall, a huge wallet-shaped cow shines in all its t-shirts to remind us that Operation Yellow Coins helped fund the venue. There is also a faded photo of a young blonde girl…

Source: Le Figaro

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