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Who is the only Disney princess who kisses the villain in her story?

Discover who is the only character from the Disney Princess franchise who performs an unimaginable act: kissing the villain of her story!

Villain and girl together? It may be difficult to remember a loving or romantic gesture that may have arisen between the evil antagonist and the good protagonist of a Disney story, after all, in the studio’s plots, there is always a hostile atmosphere between them, where the villain tries to defeat his target to achieve what you want.

But, as unusual as it may be, one of the Disney princesses has already used a demonstration of romance between couples with the antagonist of her own story, even though the act, which in this case was a kiss, did not appear as a form of love, but rather as an attempt to free himself from the villain’s clutches in the midst of a moment of tension.

Who is the only Disney princess who kisses the villain in her film?

This happened in “Aladdin”, an animation released in 1992, where Jasmine ends up kissing Jafar in an act of desperation. As detailed by the portal Quero Cinema, the scene received a lot of criticism, since in the plot Jasmine is 15 years old, while the villain is an adult man. Remember the moment:

It’s worth remembering that Anna could have been part of the list if the story hadn’t followed a different fate. In “Frozen”, she had her heart frozen by Elsa and only a kiss from true love could save her. Thus, she can have Hans kiss her, but before carrying out the act, Hans revealed his villainy and what his real intention was when approaching Anna, saying that he used her as a ladder so that he could secure a place on the throne and become king.

Still, even if the kiss had happened, she also couldn’t have been crowned queen in her story to fit the same feat as the princess of Agrabah. Therefore, the title of Disney princess who kisses the villain in her story belongs to Jasmine alone.

Furthermore, even though there is no other romantic kiss, there is a love act between a villain and a good guy in another film, this time, a live-action one. This happens in the story derived from “Sleeping Beauty” (1959): “Maleficent”, a 2014 film, in which the sorceress is the one who breaks Aurora’s curse by giving her a kiss on the forehead.

More about Jasmine

Daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah, Jasmine was featured in the film “Aladdin”, as well as appearing in the film’s two sequels, as well as the animated television series.

Even though she is not the protagonist of the title, the character fits most of the studio’s rules for being part of the Disney Princess franchise. The rules are:

  1. Being part of an animation;
  2. Being human or at least half human;
  3. Be the protagonist of the story;
  4. Being born a princess, marrying royalty or committing a heroic act;
  5. Bring a good financial return to the studios.

It is worth remembering that the current Disney Princess lineup includes Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Mérida and Moana.

Source: Recreio

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