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How was BTS’s V discovered by BIGHIT Music?

All by chance? Find out how Kim Tae Hyung, or rather V, from BTS, became a BIGHIT Music trainee!

Kim Tae Hyungbetter known by his stage name, Vwas born in Daegu, South Korea, as the eldest son of a farming family, which was made up of his father, mother and his two younger brothers: a girl and a boy.

Even so, V I dreamed big and wanted to become a musician one day. To this end, he developed the habit of playing the saxophone in high school, with one of the biggest encouragers for him to learn the instrument being his own father, as explained by the Koreaboo portal.

But, like V, was discovered by BIGHIT Music?

As talented as he was, it was by chance that V won a spot at BIGHIT Music. This is because, a friend of his, traveled to the capital of his country of origin, Seoul, to participate in a test run by the company (which at the time was named Big Hit Entertainment), so V accompanied him along the way, in order to show support for his colleague.

However, upon arriving at the audition site with his friend, V was supported by the agency team to also carry out a test. After his father’s approval, he auditioned, and as a result: V was the only young man from Daegu to be approved as a BIGHIT trainee that day — not even his colleague managed the feat.

Even so, V he said in an episode of “You Quiz on the Block” (via allkpop), released in September last year, that even though it was something he didn’t plan, it wasn’t simple to win the spot, as he had to dance, sing, play saxophone and beat boxing.

I went there (to the audition) and they asked me: ‘Can you dance?’ and I said ‘Yes, I know!’. I danced. They asked again: ‘Can you sing?’ and I said ‘Yes!’ I sang, but they said: ‘Hmm… hmm, can you do anything else?’ So I said ‘I can play the saxophone’, and they said ‘Saxophone? Do you have one? I said, “Yes, I have it at home. Should I go get it? I played the saxophone. They asked, ‘Anything else?’ and I did beatboxing”, revealed the idol.

It is worth remembering that in the same program, V explained that the song he sang during the audition that changed his life was “Don’t Cheat” by the girl group Miss A. The track, released in 2008, was responsible for the debut of the band that belonged to Brand New Stardom.

As a trainee, V appeared in the music video for Jo Kwon for “I’m Da One.” The MV also features another BTS member: Jin! The two appear as butler/bodyguards. Remember!

The premiere

V debuted as a member of BTS, on June 13, 2013, alongside 6 other members: Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, J-Hope It is Suga. The group had the release of the mini-album “2 Cool 4 Skool”, and the promotion of the title song “No More Dream” as milestones of their long-awaited debut.

Source: Recreio

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