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Dizziness, sore throat, stomach ache… What is your body trying to tell you?

Sudden loss of voice, muscle tension, herpes… The body sometimes tries to draw our attention to our emotional state and even trauma. Explanations:

Not everyone has the same ability to verbalize what they feel, especially the negative, so the body does it for us. Obviously, this emotional control can lead to somatization, that is, to develop various physical manifestations of anxiety, sadness, anxiety. Who never had a stomach ache before going to school as a child?

In the absence of a specific organic cause, neurologist Aurelien Benoilide affirms that the psyche affects the body, the hormonal and immune systems, to the point that it can “contribute to the occurrence of infections and autoimmune diseases;According to the doctor and the author No, it’s not just in your head. End the taboo of psychosomatic diseases (1), the extent of the physical reaction depends on the genetic inheritance and especially on the individual’s past experiences and traumas. But to protect yourself and maintain your health, you need to recognize the red flags your body is sending you.

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Fatigue that accumulates

The state of our nights says a lot about our well-being. “If we are busy or depressed, we inevitably sleep less,” comments Deborah Haddad-Bodry, a psychologist at the Kremlin-Biketre Pain Treatment Center. This leads to more difficult falling asleep, nighttime or early waking. The result, “we finish less restorative sleep, which will lead to a lack of attention, a decline in mood, a challenge to the immune system, and therefore a general fragile state, the psychologist summarizes. And if this fatigue becomes chronic, it becomes more toxic for the body.

However, this symptom of unhappiness is usually minimized by most of us. “In the case of burnout, we often ignore it for fear of retaliation from colleagues, our superiors, or an extra dose of work upon return.“says Marie Peze, doctor of psychology, psychosomatic and head of the “Suffering and Work” network. “To keep up, an individual with sleep debt will rely more on chemical crutches: energy drinks, alcohol, anxiolytics, anti-depressants, etc.“, he adds.

An individual with sleep debt will rely more on chemical crutches

Marie Peze, psychosomatic

If you want to distinguish between yawning from occasional fatigue and exhaustion, psychosomatic Marie Peze advises to worry when fatigue does not go away despite good sleep habits (sleeping, going to bed early).

Getting sick on vacation

In situations of extreme exhaustion, as surprising as it may seem, it is not always beneficial to take a vacation. “It’s like stopping a train running at full speed, – Marie Peze shows, – we quickly feel the effects of this period when we fought too hard to stay hyperactive. This undermines our last defenses, particularly our immune defenses, and predisposes us to recurrent ENT infections or neuralgia.»

Shortness of breath, dizziness

If stress takes a toll on the mind, it also affects the ability to breathe well. Faced with a disruptive element, an important file, or an unpredictable family event, an anxious person’s heart rate and breathing will change significantly, risking severe chest pain and tightness. “When the heart beats too fast, the brain is deprived of oxygen and can cause dizziness or even loss of consciousness.“, says neurologist Aurelien Benoid.

In the absence of medical history and serious signals, psychologist Deborah Haddad-Bodry invites those concerned to focus more attention on the solar plexus;seat of many emotions“, to the detriment of a racing heart. “A return to calmness and relaxation comes through breathing“, he assures, praising cardio exercises to regulate this.yo-yo“emotional.

Pain, tight throat and inability to speak

Some symptoms do not appear randomly and focus on a very important function: the throat. “Under the influence of intense stress or stage fright associated with public speaking, the body can prevent us from accessing this test, which puts us in trouble and therefore silences us, explains neuroscientist Aurelien Benoid. Beyond the mental, the symptom can also be caused by a mechanical reflex, where the muscles associated with the vocal cords will over-tighten when a verbal presentation approaches and cause irritation.»

Herpes, shingles and other skin rashes

Blushing under the influence of shame or pleasure, the skin sometimes betrays our mood. But this is not the only manifestation. “Rashes say a lot about our relationships with the world and others, explains psychologist Deborah Haddad-Bodry. So it is not uncommon to get herpes after a big fight. At other times, severe psychological distress will cause warts and warts in certain people (chicken pox virus reactivation, editor’s note).“.

Rashes say a lot about the world and our relationships with others

Deborah Haddad-Beaudry, Psychologist

Weight change, stomach aches

In these challenging health times, it’s no surprise to see the plates change. While some people snack to compensate for anxiety, others experience a sudden loss of appetite. If this phenomenon is accompanied by atonia, be careful not to miss depression, warns psychologist Deborah Haddad-Bodry. “This pathology leads to a form of complete neglect, where a lack of enthusiasm and constant sadness are combined, which can lead to weight gain or loss.“, he emphasizes.

Some literally go to work “digging fear” and suffer from more or less serious transit disorders.

Marie Peze, psychosomatic

In addition to the number of meals, digestive disturbances are observed in certain situations, in particular, harassment at the workplace, notes psychosomatic Marie Peze. “Victims literally go to work “scared” and suffer transit disorders more or less serious in the long run, from motor diarrhea to coelopathies“, he adds.

To receive reflexes

Before establishing a psychosomatic cause, neurologist Aurelien Benoild reminds us that we should first make sure we have all the additional medical tests done, such as an electrocardiogram for neck, chest pain, and shortness of breath.

In the case of proven anxiety, prescribing chemical molecules alone is not enough. The psychosomatic approach should always be complemented by a psychotherapeutic approach (hypnosis, brief therapy, psychoanalysis). “In connection with chronic pain, it is very important to look for mental trauma,” the doctor insists. That’s why I systematically ask my patients if they’ve experienced difficult emotional episodes and if they’ve been sexually assaulted.”

Manual treatment of physical ailments should not be neglected. Dr. Aurelien Benoilide advocates the work of physical therapy to treat muscle tension associated with pathology. “I do not rule out the use of alternative medicine either, adds the neurologist. The use of a placebo, such as homeopathy or traditional Chinese medicine, is considered to promote all the right conditions for the improvement of the patient’s condition.

(1) No, it’s not just in your head. End the taboo of psychosomatic diseasesby Aurélien Benoilid, published by Marabout, 220 pages, €17.90.

Source: Le Figaro

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