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“If I see one more person say something about my nose…” actress Halle Bailey responds to criticism of her alleged “pregnancy nose”.

Halle Bailey at the 2023 Glamor Women of the Year Awards in London. (October 17, 2023) Karwai Tang/WireImage

In a face cam video posted on Snapchat, the actress Little mermaid responds to criticism from netizens about the appearance of her nose following pregnancy rumors.

Halle Bailey is tired of nasty comments about her nose. Chloe x Halle singer who also played Little mermaid For Disney, it expressed its displeasure to its subscribers in a video posted on its Snapchat account after yet another inappropriate reflection. As she reveals in the screenshot, this netizen took the liberty of pointing out that she has a “pregnancy nose” by adding a pig nostrils emoji to her text.

“If I see one more person say something about my nose, it’s going to mess up,” the 23-year-old American declares in these pictures, where she naturally bares herself in front of the camera in close-up. “I am black. I love my nose. Why are you worried about my nose? Leave me alone,” he told his detractors.

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Pregnancy news

This front focus was not enough to silence the remarks. Indeed, Halle Bailey’s fans have been claiming for some time now that the artist’s nose has widened during pregnancy… Although the main interested party has never confirmed that she is pregnant. Instead of quieting the debate, the release of his video has reignited speculation. Her subscribers concluded that she might be expecting a baby because she didn’t directly deny the rumors on the subject and because she filmed herself in such a way that we can’t see her body. “The fact that she’s responding to comments about her nose but not her pregnancy says it all,” “By the sound of her heavy breathing, this baby is well confirmed,” “It’s not just your nose, you have it too.” pregnant, breathy voice”, “She even had pregnancy congestion and shortness of breath”, “She is definitely pregnant and trying to hide it by showing herself in the media. Are you looking for attention?” “Let’s be honest. We are all women, we know a pregnant woman when we see her.” “Show your belly and shut up the rumors,” they say to her in the comments of the video republished by the media on Instagram. Shadow room . For now, rapper DDG’s girlfriend is keeping it a secret, and that’s her right.

Source: Le Figaro

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