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See why Alfonso Herrera was left out of RBD’s special tour

See why Alfonso Herrera was left out of RBD’s special tour

Last Thursday, the 9th, RBD performed its first show in Brazil for the ‘Soy Rebelde Tour’ tour

Last Thursday, the 9th, RBD performed its first show for the “Soy Rebelde Tour” marathon of shows in Brazil, performing to a stadium full of nostalgic fans in Rio de Janeiro. The performance marked the group’s return to Brazilian lands after 15 years since the announcement of the band’s end.

The recent tour, however, which has already passed through the United States, and has all shows in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo sold out, features the participation of only five of the six original members: Anahi, Maite Perroni, Dulce Maria, Christoper von Uckermann It is Christian Chavez. Alfonso Herreraalso known as Ponchowas the only one who decided not to participate in the reunion tour.

Reason for absence

During an interview with the newspaper El País in March this year, while promoting his latest film, “¡Que Viva México!”, Poncho was asked about the issue, where he stated that he would be happy with all his current projects, and that he is dedicating all his energy to them.

“I’m very happy with the projects I have at the moment, which is where I’m putting my energy. I know this project [os novos shows do RBD] It will be a resounding success and I only have good wishes for them”, commented Miguel’s interpreter. “A magazine reported that I had asked for an exorbitant amount of money to participate in the reunion and what I say is that they better pay my companions for all the mess they got themselves into for so many years. It has nothing to do with money, it has to do with what is fair.”

Second Ponchoat the time the band was active, there were some serious problems present in the contracts with Televisa, the broadcaster responsible for the soap opera that formed the group, mainly related to the financial return to the members.

“We signed a contract in which we ceded the rights to the characters, their images and, of everything that was explored in terms of merchandising, we didn’t see a single cent. I was 23 or 24 years old and I saw my colleagues’ faces and my face everywhere — selling cookies, gum, juices, notebooks, sneakers, pencils and nothing. The broadcaster was not fair and it is not a question of money. I say again, this has to do with a work issue! For example, in the show we did at the Los Angeles Coliseum, for 63 thousand people, they paid 18 thousand pesos for it [aproximadamente 5.100 reais]”.

Despite having chosen not to return, Alfonso He states in the conversation that he still maintains a beautiful relationship with all the members, and that he continues to love and respect them.

“We share things that no one knows and the six of us have been there in happy times and in difficult times, like in Brazil [relembrando a tragédia de 2007]”.

The end of RBD

It is worth remembering that, during an interview with the YouTube channel “En La Luna Con Jesús Guzmán”, Alfonso he even took the blame for the end of the group. According to the actor, at the time, he had the desire to focus more on his acting career, in addition to all the members having an agreement: the band would only continue if the six of them remained together.

“The contract ended in 2008 and we had to decide whether to continue or not. I wanted to continue with other things, I wanted to act, which is what I like. When I presented my point in front of the Televisa executives, Pedro Damián and my group colleagues, it was like: cri cri cri. The project is not Mexican: it was purchased from Argentina. If it were to continue, they would have to buy the rights again. And I decided: ‘no, thank you’”, confessed Poncho.

Herrera He also completed his speech by stating that, like him, the other members were also in a new phase in their lives. He said: “We had this agreement: if one left, the group ends, and that was respected, fortunately. Christopher I also wanted to do other kinds of things, and Maite I was already doing soap operas while we were on tour. So everyone was starting to do their own thing.”

Source: Recreio

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