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Find out why Amber Heard was brought back to her role in the Aquaman 2 movie

Find out why Amber Heard was brought back to her role in the Aquaman 2 movie


The world premiere of the film is scheduled for December 20, 2023. In the second part, the actress will again appear as Mary.

Movie Aquaman starring Jason Momoa and Amber Heard is taking another hit. It has been reported variously.

In particular, after the release of the first trailer for the film, with a budget of $215 million, explicit documents related to Johnny Depp’s libel case against the actress appeared on Reddit.

Fans of movie stars pirates of the caribbean paid a court fee for the publication of documents submitted by Heard’s therapist, Dr. Dawn Hughes. In particular, they were part of last year’s high-profile trial, in which Depp won a significant victory. Among other things, they describe the process of filming the second part Aquaman and the hostile environment that prevailed at the site. It claims that the film’s main character, Jason Momoa, is dressed like Johnny Depp and arrives drunk and insists that Heard not be in the film, casting another actress in the role of superhero Mary.

“Jason said he wanted to fire me… Jason was drunk – he was caught on set. He was dressed like Johnny. He also had all the rings,” Amber told her psychologist.

The celebrity also claims that she felt pressure from director James Wan. That is, when he lost support, he felt like an “outcast” on the set. In addition, he raised his voice and prevented anyone from taking selfies with him.

In turn, Momoa and Wang refused to comment on the accusations made by the actress, but their representatives issued a statement in response. They denied Amber Heard’s words.

And yet, the actress almost got fired. After coming out Aquaman In 2018, the studio and director decided to drop the star from the sequel due to Momoa’s lack of chemistry and sent a letter to his lawyer Carl Austin informing him of their decision.

However, she could not be fired because her ex-boyfriend, Elon Musk, ordered one of his lawyers to send a letter to Warner Bros. who threatened to burn down the studio office if the actress was not brought back for the sequel.

It was previously reported that Elon Musk published an archival photo of his ex-actress Amber Heard.

The first official trailer for the film has been released Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
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