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When did Jolie appear and what are the names of her friends?

When did Jolie appear and what are the names of her friends?

Discover answers to the biggest questions that surround the universe of Jolie notebooks, by Tilibra

A craze in the 2000s, Tilibra’s Jolie notebooks were — and still are — part of the school trajectory of several Brazilian children, as it is not difficult to find them on stationery store shelves or in classmates’ backpacks, after all, The dolls’ romantic aesthetic is unforgettable and immensely nostalgic for anyone who has seen it.

However, little is known about the creation of the characters that stamp not only notebooks, but also stickers, booklets, pencils, erasers and more. So much so that the subject gained strength on social networks when the user @alcrsk shared on Twitter an image of one of the Jolie dolls, reinforcing that the origin of the adorable girls is the “biggest mystery on the internet”. Look!

The origin of Jolie notebooks

The truth is that Tilibra did not bring to the public much information about the dolls that always wear pink dresses with bows, ruffles and lace — aesthetics that are very reminiscent of the Japanese fashion style known as “Lolita”.

In this way, there is no source that specifies by whom the Jolie characters were created, although, in some blogs, there is the affirmation that the line of Jolie notebooks appeared in 2003, focusing on the female audience who prefer cute looks. and delicate dolls.

In addition, on Tilibra’s official website, it is possible to discover the real names of the characters. This is because blonde, red, brunette, Asian and black dolls are not called Jolie as they are in the popular imagination, the truth is that each one of them has its own name, and the initials form the word Jolie (which in French means : beautiful). Just look:

  • Julia
  • Olivia
  • Laura
  • Iknow
  • ANDsmooth

Even so, anyone who thinks that Jolie’s dolls weren’t out of stationery stores is wrong. In 2014, a portal for Jolie fans was created, as explained by the Epgrupo portal. Entitled Julie Clube, the site that is offline, had exclusive videos, tests, tutorials, a section dedicated to the blog, as well as other educational content aimed at children.

More than that, they can also be seen in action. Just like Hello Kitty, Pucca and other characters that print notebooks, the dolls also got an animation. Launched in 2017, the cartoon, which has two seasons, is available on Julie Clube’s YouTube channel. Check out the first episode!

And it doesn’t end there! In 2019, Julie Clube won a season of videos led by the actresses Bia Jordan (Accomplices in a Rescue), Pietra Quintela (Adventures of Poliana), Bella Chiang (School of Geniuses) and the Junior MasterChef finalist, Ivana Coelho, who gathered to talk about issues surrounding the lives of pre-adolescents. The project won a second season in 2020.

Source: Recreio

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