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Anne, 55 years old.

AESTHETIC MEDICINE 2/4. Four women corrected what complicated them. Their goal is to find lost hair. In this interview, Anne tells us honestly about her experience.

This human resources director has always been “proud” of her thick brown hair, which she considered “a major asset and a true symbol of femininity.” Over time, her hair begins to seriously thin out during parting. “In about my 40s, you could see my skull through my hair. I started wearing hats and berets to cover up the transparency,” she says. Before even considering a transplant, Ann* first tries all kinds of hair loss treatments to try to fix it. “I combined mesotherapy, PRP, microneedling and other scalp massages to hopefully restore mass. I tried everything, but at the advanced stage of my baldness, a more drastic solution was needed,” he continues.

Losing hair in a woman loses her youth, beauty capital

Anna, 55 years old

Her doctor then diagnosed her with androgenetic alopecia (a combination of hair follicle sensitivity to male hormones and a genetic predisposition), which is more pronounced during menopause…

Source: Le Figaro

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