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5 Essential Movies to Celebrate Geek Pride Day

This Thursday, the 25th, Nerd Pride Day is celebrated, or Towel Day, created to celebrate the entire geek community. If you also consider yourself a real nerd, check out five movies available on streaming platforms to watch today while celebrating your special day!

1. Scott Pilgrim Versus the World

Released in 2010, the film directed by Edgar Wright is an adaptation of comics written by Bryan Lee O’Malley and games developed by Ubisoft. The production presents the story of a boy who needs to defeat all the ex-boyfriends and girlfriends of the girl he is in love with to win her heart.

2. Back to the Future

The 1985 film is one of the greatest classics of geek culture. The film tells the story of a mad scientist who manages to build a time machine in a car, but ends up getting involved in a big mess and makes his friend travel to the year 1950.

3. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Written by JRR Tolkienone of the great classics of English literature, was also adapted for the big screen in 2001, directed by peter jackson. The saga presents the plot of a fantastic land where a hobbit receives a magical and evil ring as a gift from his uncle, which needs to be destroyed before it falls into the wrong hands.

4. Star Wars: A New Hope

The Star Wars franchise is one of the most influential within the geek community. Created by George Lucasthe first film, “Star Wars: A New Hope”, was released in 1971, however, it does not tell the beginning of the story, since the production is about the fourth episode of the saga.

5. Ghostbusters

Combining comedy with science fiction, “Ghostbusters” is also another classic of nerd culture. Released for the first time in 1984, the film tells about the adventures of a team of scientists who are unemployed, and decide to become ghost hunters to earn money, when they find a door to another dimension, responsible for sending evil to the city of New York.

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