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“I want to be old, I’m tired of trying to be young.” Andy McDowell is fully embracing his sixties and gray hair

Andy McDowell at the Oscars in Hollywood, March 12, 2023. Gilbert Flores/Variety/Getty Images

In an interview with American journalist Katie Couric on Youtube, the American actress firmly rejects “ageism” and praises her gray hair.

Like Charlotte Rampling, Cameron Diaz or Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi McDowell is also one of those actresses who don’t try to fight aging. The sexagenarian reaffirms this on Saturday, March 25, in a video interview broadcast on the Youtube channel of the American journalist Katie Couric. The one we recently saw in the Netflix series the maid She has no intention of looking younger than her age and will continue to wear her gray hair despite the youth around her in Hollywood. “Especially in my industry, I think casting is easier when you’re in your thirties. Then it becomes more difficult,” he admits, recalling a subtle joke that happened during a film festival when he had just turned 40 years old. “I was interviewed by a woman, a young woman. One of her questions was, “How does it feel to grow old and lose your beauty?” He told me that. It’s sad,” says the actress. “It made me sad for him because I thought he was going to be me one day.”

In video, these celebs who flaunt their wrinkles

the heroine of Four weddings and a funeral admits, however, that aging can “affect” the careers of actresses and actors. “I think there is a period of transformation. People don’t really know what to do with us,” he laments. Before adding that as for himself, he now feels “good for his age”.

a sense of power

When asked about her hair transformation, Andi McDowell explains that her decision to go silver is nothing new. “I was constantly talking about it with my hairdresser, I’ve been talking about it for a long time. People would say it’s too early, but it was something I wanted to do at a young age. I thought salt and pepper would be fine with me. I thought it would look good on my face. When my hair started growing during Covid, I saw that I was right. It suits me well,” she exults, adding that she takes her inspiration from … men. “My mother died when she was 53 and I was 23. I’ve never seen him grow old. But I saw my father. I somehow followed him. As well as George Clooney,” he continues with a laugh.

A choice that the muse of L’Oréal Paris does not regret today. “I really thought it would look good on me. And so it is. When? [mes cheveux gris] pushed, my eyes popped out. Their color seemed a little different. I loved that my skin looked better. They gave me a sense of power. I felt more powerful, more authentic, and more myself,” she says.

I was young. And being an old man trying to age… What an effort!

Andy McDowell in an interview with journalist Katie Couric

If he assures that the majority of people around him approve of his game, Margaret Qualley’s mother is not completely immune to the criticism of his appearance, which he leaves aside: What do you think I look like? How old do you think I am? You know, I’m going to be 65 years old. Do you think I look 75 just because I let my hair go gray? he asks humorously. And to reject the dictates of ageism. “I am not interested: I want to be old. I’m tired of trying to be young. I don’t want to be young. I was young. And [vieillir] it’s a lot of effort. I already work enough to maintain my figure, take care of my body, nourish my skin, train my brain. What else can I do? I can’t continue the charada.”

In the video, these celebs flaunting their gray hair

Female representations

The reporter then notes that “as we publish more images of aging women, [et] about older women” in the media, these ideas are “more normalized”. And so congratulations to Andy McDowell for being a public figure “whom people think of as someone who appreciates the age he’s in, loves the age he’s in, and makes the most of it.”

However, the actress does not want to be separated from those who, unlike her, continue to dye their hair or resort to cosmetic surgery. “I don’t judge anyone. We each have our own way of perceiving our image and making our own choices. Someone commented on Madonna the other day. Madonna is Madonna. I adore her, I think she’s fabulous,” he elaborates, before explaining: But in ten years I may change my mind. I can’t guarantee you anything, I don’t know. I can’t tell you how I feel. We have many options.” And to conclude. “Whatever people want to do, let them do it.”

Stars assume their wrinkles

Source: Le Figaro

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