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Vera Brezhneva presented a new composition

Photo: instagram.com/ververa

After the start of a massive war, an artist working in the Russian Federation left the aggressor country and began helping refugees from Ukraine.

Singer Vera Brezhneva released a new song called “Taki mi people” and a video for it. It was published on the artist’s YouTube channel.

According to the artist, this song is very important to him because it reflects his inner transformation.

“I took a deep look at myself in the past year, now I feel different and everything is different now. The song and video “These people” are a reflection of these changes. But a reminder for everyone that , due to various circumstances, can despair – superpower inside ourselves,” he commented at the premiere of the track.

As for the clip, Vera Brezhneva appeared in a new image. Instead of a long-haired blonde, she reincarnated as a short-haired brunette. He also wore overalls and rough boots. She completed the look with a pendant around her neck.

Earlier it was reported that Vera Brezhneva, who has been building a career in the Russian Federation for a long time, was cut out of the Russian TV series.

Brezhnev and Meladze are selling their mansion in Russia

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