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Are Jane from Tarzan and Belle from Beauty and the Beast related?

A theory created by fans claims that Jane and Belle may be related. But is it possible? Understand!

The Disney universe is so big that it’s not hard to find countless theories that try to link their productions, ranging from the craziest ones to some that really make sense, like the hypothesis that Hercules and Ariel could be cousins.

Today, Recreio will present you with a theory that has become very popular among fans, and which has generated good discussions on social networks. After all, Jane, from “tarzan”, and Belle, from “Beauty and the Beast”, are they really related?

Like this?

The speculation responsible for linking the two characters arose after some fans analyzed the “Tarzan” film, where they noticed a small easter egg from “Beauty and the Beast”. In the scene, we can see a porcelain tea set identical to the one that appears in the 1991 animation.

The pieces, which were taken by Jane for her expedition in the jungle, have the appearance of Zip, her mother Mrs Potts, and her brothers, who were transformed into utensils for the house after the witch cast a spell on Prince Adam and his entire castle. .

Scene from Tarzan (1999) / Credit: Playback/Disney

But how did she do it?

According to the theory, after the end of the curse, Bela and Adam would have decided to create pieces of tea like their friends to keep as a souvenir, becoming a family heirloom. In this way, the items would have passed from generation to generation, until reaching Jane, who decided to make her trip accompanied by the items that were so important to her family members.

In addition, the hypothesis gained more strength when animation lovers compared the appearances and characteristics of both characters, who have hair of the same color, a peculiar love for yellow clothes, and being able to communicate with “beast men”.

Source: Recreio

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